2014 tire technology international awards

And the Tire Technology International Award goes to…

It’s awards season – the Golden Globes, the Oscars, and of course, the Tire Technology International Awards! While the Hollywood awards shows might be slightly more entertaining, the Tire Technology International Awards are actually pretty interesting, too. The 2015 awards, coordinated by Tire Technology International magazine, were presented in Cologne, Germany in honor of innovation […]

lion statue carved from car tires

Tire Art: How Old Tires and Hubcaps Find New Life

This will probably sound weird. But when you’re around tires and wheels as much as we are, you start to see the beauty in them. We can really appreciate the perfect symmetry of an all-season tire, the smooth minimalism of a motorsport tire, or the bold style of an off-road tire like the Dick Cepek […]