tirebuyer football fans 2015

Don’t miss this “Super” deal – save $40 instantly on an order of $500+

It’s that time of year, when that super-big football game happens on a Sunday. Just like last year, most of us at TireBuyer headquarters in Bellevue, Washington will be rooting for our home team, the World Champion Seattle Seahawks. We do have a couple of Patriots fans in the office, but for some unknown reason, […]

1934 NSU Porsche Type 32

Cars We Love: 1934 NSU Porsche Type 32

Today we tend to think of Porsche as a company that makes expensive sports cars. But Ferdinand Porsche, the Austrian-Czech engineer who founded the eponymous company, started off with a much different ambition. In the U.S., the Ford Model T was the first car that everyone could afford, and Porsche wanted to create a similarly […]

Car Fail

The 15 Ugliest Cars of All Time (But You’ll Love Their Personalities)

Boy, we’ve really gotten spoiled, haven’t we? Time was when four wheels and working pedals were all we needed, but nowadays everyone has an opinion. And while these lovable losers of the road may have something special in the eyes of their owners, it’s universally accepted that looks aren’t it. Of course, if you happen […]

1935 Mercedes 500 K Erdmann & Rossi side

Cars We Love: 1935 Mercedes 500 K Erdmann & Rossi

The Mercedes-Benz 500 K was Mercedes’ supercharged (K = Kompressor, or supercharger) sports car built from 1934 – 1936. The car featured surprisingly advanced equipment for the time – safety glass, hydraulic brakes, and a 12-volt electrical system that powered electric windshield wipers and door locks. Erdmann & Rossi are the Berlin-based coachbuilders who created […]

1938 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Coupe

Cars We Love: 1938 Bugatti Type 57SC Atlantic Coupe

This truly stunning car, designed by Bugatti founder Ettore Bugatti’s son Jean, has been called the first supercar. The prototype for the car was crafted from Elektron, a magnesium-aluminum alloy that was strong and lightweight (one-third the weight of aluminum). Unfortunately, Elektron was also highly flammable, so it couldn’t be welded. Jean Bugatti, clearly a […]