10 Surprising Traffic & Trends Across the Globe

Spin the globe, place your finger on any continent, and check out the different takes on automotive trends. Each region has their own unique style – and what might seem crazy for you, could be just another day on the road for them. Take a quick trip across the world and see what’s hot with enthusiasts in other locales.

10 Surprising Traffic & Trends Across the Globe
10 Surprising Traffic & Trends Across the Globe

1. Ford played a large role in solidifying left-hand-drive in U.S. vehicles, switching all models to left-hand-drive in 1908.

2. 44″ tires might seem excessive but when you’re trekking across the Arctic in Iceland, they provide a large footprint and good flotation in soft snow for a heavily loaded truck like this Toyota Hilux.

3. In Hawaii, body lifts and wide chrome wheels wrapped around stretched mud terrain tires seem to be the most stylish way around the island.

4. What’s a truck good for without an epic mural on the tailgate? In Mexico murals are added for good measure, be it a depiction of a folk hero, religious story, family member, hot babe or other beautiful scenery.

5. Electric traffic signals first showed up in London circa 1868, but didn’t catch on until the U.S. started using them in the 1890s. No matter where you are now, Red/Yellow/Green is an international traffic signal.

6. Why so angry? In Europe, hood extensions known as Boser hoods, commonly seen on BMWs, VWs, and Audis, have been giving European cars a more aggressive look since the ’90s.

7. What’s the fastest way to climb a sand dune? Strapping huge turbos onto a Nissan Patrol or Toyota Land Cruiser and turning it into a 1000 hp sand racer in the Middle East.

8. Right-hand or left-hand drive, you can expect to find the pedals always arranged the same; A-B-C or Accelerator, Brake, Clutch.

9. From a land where space is at a premium, Japan’s enthusiasts pack huge style into whatever they touch. Bosozoku, Kei cars, and Vanning trends all include exaggerated and outlandish bodies.

10. Playing a part in creating the first utility truck, Australia has had a long-time love affair with cars having both an enclosed passenger compartment and hauling capacity – which is exactly what a “ute” is. These passenger vehicles with truck beds remain largely popular in the Outback.

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