5 Car Technologies That Will Be Here By 2020

The automotive industry is becoming quite technologized with each year that passes by. Actually, it’s only a matter of time before what we see in sci-fi movies becomes real. And you know what? Some of those high-tech cars have been already been developed. 2 years ago, the first aero mobile car was sold. Yes, it was a flying car, not just a mere idea anymore. Astonishing, isn’t it? That’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more fascinating technologies that will revolutionize cars. Let’s dive deep into this and take a look.

Autonomous Vehicles

5 Car Technologies That Will Be Here By 2020
5 Car Technologies That Will Be Here By 2020

If you thought that the automatic transmission is making driving easier, wait till you read about this feature. In an autonomous car, you hardly do the driving. The only thing that will preoccupy you is just relaxing and awaiting to arrive at your destination. These cars are driverless. Not to mention, they are equipped with sensors that perceive the environment making navigation much easier.

Autonomous cars have already been developed. In fact, Google engineers tested autonomous vehicles on 200,000 miles of public high ways in Nevada county. Plus, Nissan is yet to start its trial on European roads. It won’t be long before we have these cars on our road on a regular basis.

Biometric Car Access

At the moment, traditional car keys have been surpassed with much newer technology which is the remote control. But here’s a thing though, the remote control will get replaced by a more secure system. Car doors will be opened quicker by a fingerprint scan. What’s more? A feature such as an iris scanner is expected to become widely available in futuristic cars. You’ll be able to unlock your car or start it through an iris scan.

Let’s hope that this feature will reduce the frustration that you always get when you can’t find the car keys and you are running late. Oh! And keep your eyes and fingers intact when this feature hits the market.

An Active Health Monitoring System

Not once or twice have we heard or read news about drivers falling asleep when they are on the wheel. It’s quite devastating, but there’s a feature that’s being developed to counterattack such cases. Cars in the near future will be equipped with sensors that monitor your health. And where will the sensors be located, you ask?

These health monitoring sensors will be located on the seat belt. If any health-issue comes up when the driver is busy driving, then the car will automatically pull up on the side of the road. From there, medical assistance can be sought.

Augmented Reality Dashboards

Even though some cars are equipped with top-notch GPS systems, that’s not enough in the tech field. Drivers want detailed information on objects that are surrounding their cars. Augmented reality dashboards will enable that. Basically, this feature will automatically scan an object that’s in front of your car and it will give you information, identifying what it is.

BMW has already started working on this. In fact, right now, they have a car model that displays basic information on the windshield. In the near future, they plan to upgrade that feature to AR so that drivers can determine how far objects are from their cars. Sounds impressive, right? If you get too close to a car while driving, a red box will appear and show you the right way to maneuver your car.

Holographic Displays

5 Car Technologies That Will Be Here By 2020
5 Car Technologies That Will Be Here By 2020

Have you ever found yourself in the backseat of a car just staring at the flashing environment through the window because you have nothing else to keep you busy? Fortunately, Games And Entertainment Laboratory is working on an entertainment system that will lighten the backseat. This system will combine holographic display and motion sensors to give passengers a wonderful gaming experience in the backseat.

That’s not all, the holographic system can also be useful in navigation by showing the driver the most preferred routes. Currently, Mercedes is only a step away from achieving that. They have a split-screen technology that can project two different images at the same time. One can be viewed by the driver and the other image can be viewed by the passenger.

In a nutshell, technology is bringing about a change in the automobile industry. If legends like Henry Ford and Bugatti would see these new models, they would be utterly shocked. Why? Much has changed from the ’90s and we are yet to welcome new technology closer to that we watch in the movies. Imagine what cars will look like a century from now, you can’t even be certain if they’ll be powered with gas or electricity. Right now, they are many hybrid cars on the market that use both.