7 Car Accessories Under $100

Make your commute and travels easier and more convenient with some of these awesome gadgets. You don’t even have to break $100 to get any one of these handy accessories for your car.

#1: Dashboard Camera

There are a lot of bad drivers and insurance fraud out there. Keep yourself protected by recording everything that happens on the road. Stay extra safe with a dash cam in your front windshield and one in your rear windshield, capturing everything going on around you. Use it to defend yourself in case of an accident, or to record an amazing off-road adventure.

#2: Steering Wheel Tray

A steering wheel tray can be super useful. Use it to set up your laptop so you can work while waiting for someone in your car. It’s also perfect for running errands and road trips.  Use it as a food tray to keep your favorite fast food off your lap.

#3: Parking Aid

Parking can be difficult when you’re not sure how far you can pull up. No guesswork needed with a parking aid. No more tapping bumpers or hitting curbs. The display shows a green light until you get a little closer to an object, and then it turns to yellow to let you know you’re close. When you slowly get to red you know you’re at the optimal parking spot.

#4: Trash Bag

There’s nothing worse than scattered trash inside your car – except littering (you know who you are). Eliminate the problem with a car trash bag. Some can hook behind the passenger seat, in the middle of your back seats, behind your center console, or beside the driver’s seat. Toss your trash in there instead all over your car. It’s super easy and convenient. Just empty it every time you stop for gas.

#5: Cup Inverter

A cup inverter sits in your spare cup holder, plugs into the cigarette lighter socket and can charge multiple phones. Most have one standard outlet and four USB ports. Everyone in your car can use it at the same time. Perfect for commuting and road trips.

#6: Car Seat Gap Filler

You know those gaps between your seats and the center console where things you drop go to die? A gap filler can stop things like your phone, spare change, food etc. from falling into the abyss. They fit perfectly around the seat belt clips to make sure nothing gets lost in there again.

#7 Cell Phone Holder

A cell phone holder for your car can attach to the windshield or dashboard, depending on your preference. It securely holds your phone with adjustable locking side arms. Some include a super sticky gel pad to stick to just about any surface, even textured.






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