A new advantage for you – the TireBuyer Installer Advantage

We know that buying tires online is a new idea for many people, and that it can bring up a lot of questions. Here are just a few of the ones we’ve heard …

Will the tires fit my vehicle?

How do I get the tires installed?

Will I like the way my car drives with the new tires?

What if I’m not happy with the tires or the installation?

What if I need to return the tires? How much does that cost?

In an effort to address questions like these and make buying new tires as easy, hassle-free, and worry-free as possible, we recently launched the TireBuyer Installer Advantage. It’s a collection of five benefits and guarantees you won’t find at any other online tire seller – you only get them when you choose one of our professional TireBuyer installers.

  1. FREE delivery on many items, right to a tire shop for installation

We have more than 8,000 trusted installers nationwide. Just choose one that’s convenient for you and we’ll deliver your order right to the shop.

  1. 45-day easy returns

We hope you never need to make a return, but if you do, we’ve got you covered. You can return your tires for up to 45 days after delivery – even if they’ve been driven on. (A few exceptions apply; see below for details.)

  1. FREE return shipping

If you do need to make a return, there are no return shipping charges. Just drop the tires off at the shop where you had them installed.

  1. Guaranteed installation rate

The installation rate you see when you choose an installer is the rate you’ll pay when you have your tires installed. If it’s not, just give us a call and we’ll refund the difference.

  1. Installation satisfaction guarantee

We want you to be completely happy with your TireBuyer installation experience. If you happen to encounter a bump in the road, get in touch and we’ll make things right.

Remember, the TireBuyer Installer Advantage is only available when you choose one of our installers. Just shop for tires and add them to your cart, then choose the “Deliver to a TireBuyer installer” option in the cart. We’ll show you all the installers in your area.

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TireBuyer Installer Advantage


Items cannot be returned if any of the following apply:
  • Products were used off road
  • Products have uneven wear or a difference of 2/32” between the grooves
  • Products have been altered in any way (siping, studs, etc.)
  • Misuse
The following products can only be returned if unused/never mounted:
  • Wheels
  • Winter tires
  • Motorsport tires


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