A soothing car ride for baby – without driving!


It’s 3 a.m. Your baby has been awake for hours, alternating between laughing and crying, but just won’t go to sleep. You call your mom for advice. She groggily answers the phone and gives you the answer parents around the world have known for years: “Go for a car ride.”

Of course, kids fall asleep easily in the car. But 3 a.m. you’re tired too, and don’t really want to get up and go for a drive since you have to work in a few hours. It’s also a source of guilt for what you might be doing to the environment while driving around with no destination in mind, simply so you can put your child to sleep.

Believe it or not, Ford has a solution. Ford? Yes – the auto manufacturer has created the Max Motor Dreams crib, a crib called that simulates a car ride, so you can get the same relaxing effect on your child while staying home and getting some rest yourself. How does it work?

The sound of a motor

The crib has a speaker that emits the muffled sound of a motor, one of the things that comforts infants on a ride. The sound is similar in nature to the white noise that adults often use to sleep: the sound of a fan, static, or the ocean blocks out other little sounds that can be disturbing to light sleepers.

Calming movement

A Ford motor under the crib mimics the motion created by your vehicle’s suspension and tires interacting with the road, rocking the baby in a gentle, familiar way. This motion relaxes the baby the same way an actual car ride would, without interrupting your need for rest.

Lulling lights

Ford crib

One thing we don’t often think about when it comes to a soothing car ride is the passing of street lights by the windows. They pass in a rhythm that’s predictable and regular depending on the speed of your car, so the Max Motor Dreams crib has LED lights around the edge that simulate this by lighting up at regular intervals. The lights also move around the crib, creating an additional illusion of movement.

Customized to your car

The crib also comes with an app that lets you record the motion of your car, to better simulate the experience your baby is intimately familiar with. The app can imitate your car and driving patterns exactly – not just the motor sound and motion, but even the light patterns on a familiar route that’s particularly effective for soothing your little one.

Where can I get one?

You (and several other parents you know) might already be sold on this idea. The next question is where you can get one and how much it costs. Unfortunately the answer isn’t that simple: at the moment the Max Motor Dreams crib is a concept, and is still in testing.

However, the idea isn’t entirely new. There’s a WiFi connected robotic crib called SNOO Smart Sleeper that simulates the movement of a car ride, but it doesn’t have all the features of the Max Motor Dreams crib. The SNOO retails for over $1,000, so the Max Motor Dreams, if or when it is produced, could be quite a bit more expensive.

Despite this potential cost, parents everywhere are waiting in anticipation – and on some long nights, they’d probably pay just about anything to stay at home and get their child to sleep faster.

The Ford Max Motor Dreams crib may not be available yet, but this soothing, simulated car ride would certainly be welcomed by sleep-deprived parents everywhere.  If Ford doesn’t start producing it soon, let’s hope someone does!

Photos and videos by: VocativprofileBali

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