A Tale of Two Planters

We love the idea of taking tires that are worn out and finding a way to reuse them. Two women recently have been working on creating tire planters to very different results: one is selling hers for spare cash, the other is facing potential jail time.

Cynthia Calvillo—an artist and musician in Brunswick, Ohio—was in inspired to take an old tire and treat it with a weather-resistant base coating before applying a painted design.  Happy with her results, she collected more tires from her friends and family. As our friends at Cleveland.com report:

“I saw a friend’s post on Facebook of a painted tire, and thought I could do that,” Calvillo said. “So I asked my mom if she could use one in her yard and she said yes.” One tire turned into a multi-tiered arrangement that now houses a flower bed.

Unfortunately, a similarly inspired woman from Sugar Creek, Missouri has been less fortunate in her quest to reuse old tires. Toni “Bones” Shelton, an advocate for self-sufficiency, collected tires to turn into planters. However, she was informed by officials that they were not allowed as she told KFVS12:

“They just said they needed to go,” Shelton said. “I told them I was going to be using them for planters in the spring and they informed me it wasn’t allowed.”

Sugar Creek Chief Herb Soule said the city’s concern was the number of tires.

“We’d asked her to put them somewhere else because there were quite a number of them,” Soule said.”We try to keep people from accumulating tires because they retain water and they attract mosquitos. They detract from property values in the neighborhood too.”

Though it’s a bit unclear, the issue here seems to be more around the proper method she chose to store tires rather than the city having any problem with rubber-related gardens. It’s great to see people getting creative with old tires. Just make sure you keep them stored safely prior to engaging in any arts and crafts.

Don’t have an old tire? You could always get creative with what you use as a planter…

toilet planter
Must be awfully fertile in there…

Images courtesy of Phillip Pessar and Earcapedia.

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