Amazing Pet Travel Accessories

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These days, pet owners tend to treat their fur babies as family members. We worry, we pamper, we spoil, and then we worry some more. The TireBuyer Blog even has a post dedicated to pet safety. Why do we do this? They’re cute, small, and (usually) more manageable than children. That is, until we take them on vacation. Thankfully, many companies cater to exactly that issue. Pet extras are a huge industry. So why not spoil your pooch or kitty while making your life easier? Here are some amazing pet travel accessories you won’t want to forget at home.

Diaper Bags

When traveling there always seems to be a competition between the space you have, and the items you want to bring. Packing for the family is one thing, adding a pet into the mix is another. Food, bowls, leashes, beds, treats – that’s a lot of stuff. Now there’s a solution. Deluxe pet carriers, or travel cases, fit everything from diapers to treats. Just like the must-have baby diaper bags, these have specific pockets for everything you need. Due to popular demand, they’ve even started making Designer Diaper Bags. These are labeled, personalized, and have room for all your accessories.

Thunder Jackets

dog clothes

Does Fido suffer from anxiety? He’s not alone! For a lot of pets, this is a major problem, and traveling only makes it worse. If this is the case for your dog, a thunder jacket may be the answer. These shirts and coats hug your little buddy to keep him snug. It’s similar to baby swaddling and is a safe alternative to medications. If your fur baby suffers from any nervousness or worries, he will undoubtedly appreciate one of these on your next trip.

Travel Ramps

dog ramp

If you have an old or aging pet, you may need to consider a ramp. Many dogs are prone to hip dysplasia and back problems. Travel ramps can help. They take up little room and cab be stowed away behind a seat when not assisting with mobility. Ramps, like this Folding Pet Ramp, can help alleviate your pet’s joint pain by avoiding the shock of repeated jumping. Its versatility makes it idea for travel when getting your dog into a car, truck, boat, deck, etc.

Auto Mug

Just like any other standard plastic water bottle, these are washable and BPA free. What makes them unique is the bowl attachment. By squeezing the bottle, the bowl fills to allow your pet to drink. The bowl drains back into the bottle. No water wasted, less spilling means a more hydrated, happier pup.

Travel Bubbles

For those who like to bring their pet everywhere, these are the ultimate is luxury. U-pet designed these carrying pods with the comfort of a traveling pet in mind. A bubble-like window is placed so those shy and curious critters can pretend to be astronauts looking out on the world. And the hard cases are sizeable, breathable so go anywhere. If you’re serious about road tripping, these accessories will make your next vacation more interesting for any pet.

Dog Car Seats

Dogs eat

You wouldn’t consider riding in a car, especially on a long trip, without a seat belt. Your car can also be hazardous for an unrestrained dog. Not only does a harness protect your pooch, it can help you avoid distracted driver syndrome. While the car restraint industry for dogs isn’t regulated, the Center for Pet Safety offers a list of certified harnesses crash-tested and designed to protect your pet in case of an accident.


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