Did you know? April is Car Care Month!

Ah, April: The month that brings us the first flowers pushing through the dirt, the Easter Bunny, and Earth Day is also Car Care Month!

And it couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s especially important to show your car a little love this year, because so many of us endured a particularly long, hard winter. That endless cold, snowy weather wasn’t just rough on you – it may have done a number on your car, too. Our friends at the Car Care Council have three simple tips for giving your car or truck the springtime TLC it deserves:

1. Keep your vehicle clean

This is especially important if you live in a place where road salt is used in the winter! Washing and waxing your car regularly can keep destructive corrosion at bay. Plus, it keeps your ride lookin’ gooood.

2. Keep your car on schedule

Do your best to stick to your car’s recommended maintenance schedule. Spending a little money on upkeep now can pay off big by helping you avoid major problems down the road.

3. Keep an eye on the little things

Windshield wipers not really cutting it? Replace ‘em. Annoying warning light keeps popping up on your dashboard? Get it checked out. These small things can turn into big problems if you ignore them for too long.

When it comes to car care, we can help

Did you know that on TireBuyer.com, we have nearly 9,000 certified installers across the country? These aren’t just tire shops – they’re well-respected, full-service garages right in your neighborhood. Sure, they can install and maintain your tires, but they can also change your oil, perform your 75,000 mile recommended service, and make sure your AC is in tip-top shape before the warm weather hits.

Great freebies from the Car Care Council

The Car Care Council really wants you to take care of your car. To prove it, they’ve created a 60-page Car Care Guide that covers typical maintenance items (tire service, brakes, tune-ups, and more), as well as all the major systems of the car (engine, exhaust, fuel system, etc.). It’s available in English or Spanish, and you can download a copy now or request a printed version – either way, it’s free! Get your copy of the Car Care Guide here.

They’ll also create a free custom service schedule for you. Just enter your vehicle info and get a recommended maintenance schedule (complete with email reminders), recall notices, and more.

We hope you’re having a great spring. Make it a good one for your car, too!

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