Audi’s Iconic A6 All-Road Makes a Comeback

The rugged wagon has finally made its way back to the US. The redesigned 2020 all-road model was one of Audi’s most beloved crossovers for years; however, production ceased in the US for a while. And even though Audi has produced crossovers for more than 20 years, they paled in comparison to the A6’s body, design, and features drivers were enamored with. So after nearly 15 years of being off the market, the A6 makes its comeback at a steep price tag of nearly $70,000 for the base model.


For your off-roading adventures, the base model features a 335 hp engine, 396-pound torque force, AWD, and adaptive suspension. It also features:

  • 20-inch standard wheels
  • Full paint finish
  • LED taillights with dynamic turn indicators
  • 5500k LED matrix-design headlights
  • A single-frame grille and sculpted rear diffuser

The hands-free tailgate release, cargo room, and 40/20/40 folding seat design, give owners multiple interior setup options for every adventure they’re planning.

Features: Interior luxury meets off-road adventure

Just because you can take your A6 off-roading, doesn’t mean you have to forego the luxurious features and design that Audi’s become synonymous with over the years. The interior infotainment center on your new A6 stands up against some of the finest luxury model vehicles today. A Bang & Olufson speaker-system, contour interior ambient lighting, individual contour seating, front seat ventilation, and an MMI touch-response system are a few of the well-appointed entertainment and comfort features Audi’s included in its remake.

The wide range of safety and driver-assist features include a top-view camera, traffic sign recognition, virtual 360-degree camera assistance, adaptive cruise control, and lane assist.  Some additional features city drivers will appreciate:

  • Parking assist
  • Side assist to prevent swerving into nearby traffic
  • Pre-sense (basic and city) to sense oncoming obstructions
  • Audi connect and the MMI touch-response interface on your infotainment center, put other off-road cabins to shame

Regardless of what you’re looking for, whether it’s for city driving and daily commute needs, or for your weekend off-roading adventures, the A6 all-road is going to deliver with the luxury, comfort, and driver assistance features you won’t find in other off-road vehicles today.


When comparing the off-road model A6 to its Avant model, the A6 gives you an additional 1.8-inches of ground clearance, and a protective base below the chassis to safeguard your new off-road beast. The A6 has a 10.1-inch screen, larger than the Avant and the A7 models, allowing drivers to easily see their navigation, or use other features on the infotainment center. An 8.6-inch touchscreen gives owners easy access to inside climate control. The A6 also includes voice recognition and native language recognition to aid in using voice commands.

An LTE module provides Wi-Fi connectivity, so drivers can access the internet, no matter how remote the off-road destination they’re visiting. The navigation system learns previously visited destinations as well, which are stored in the car’s digital center. Adaptive features also mimic the road conditions you’re on, so your A6 is always going to deliver the best performance, speed, and optimize your adventure, no matter how much of a challenge you put it up against. The larger 20-inch wheels also help with traction on certain muddy or off-road conditions, giving you more stability and control on any journey you put your off-road A6 up against.

Ready to make history?

So when’s the iconic A6 making its comeback as an off-road model? Some time soon! We’ve already got the pricing for the Prestige model at about $67,000 and the Elite model coming in at over $71,000 (for basic package, pricing can exceed $85,000 for additional features including night vision assistance, Bang & Olufson speakers, etc.), so we know the release date isn’t too far away. But the manufacturer has yet to release the entire list of equipment and trim models, so we’re still awaiting these additional details before we see the off-road vehicle make its way onto the market.

If you’re ready for the off-roading vehicle, keep your eyes peeled in the coming months, as most new models tend to hit the marketplace in summer 2020.

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