Automotive apps you need

You probably already know about Google Maps, and our favorite traffic app, Waze. But, there’s a whole universe of other automobile apps out there that can help you with everything from finding a parking spot to getting the best deal on a new car.

1. GasBuddy 

GasBuddy uses GPS to find gas stations near your current location with the best gas prices. The free car companion apps for iOS and Android can help you save with each fill-up – and that can compound into big savings over time. The mapping tools also help locate the ideal pit stop with amenities like car washes, restaurants, and restrooms.

Key features:

  • Search for gas prices by city, state, and zip code for U.S. and Canada.
  • Get the national average price for gasoline and current trends at a glance.
  • Save more with price hike alerts and discount notifications.

2. BestParking

Apps like Waze and Yelp can show you good parking spots – or you can try this popular and free tool. locates parking garages and lots across the U.S. and helps you compare daily and monthly rates. Download the iOS or Android app so it’s always with you when you need it.



Key features:

  • Find the cheapest parking facilities in 105 cities & 115 airports.
  • Includes comprehensive information and rules for the facilities you pick.
  • Catch alerts on coupons, discounts, and reservations for garages.

3. Drivvo

Drivvo is an expense management app for your car. It monitors fuel consumption, mileage, service costs, and other associated expenses. This level of financial control can help you budget your monthly expenses and also plan for any future trips. The app is free for iOS and Android.

Key features:

  • Tracks the fuel consumption of any vehicle.
  • Set up reminders for any car maintenance checkup.
  • Maintenance, services, costs, and expense reports are supported by stats and graphs.

4. RepairPal

Today’s technology-driven cars need expert help for upkeep – and the RepairPal app can help you avoid sticker shock. You can locate the best repair shops, get accurate estimates of the costs involved, and keep track with online chat support. The service is supported by a nationwide chain of RepairPal Certified Shops staffed with expert mechanics.

Key features:

  • Get a free estimate of repair costs.
  • Research common problems and avoid overpayment.
  • The repair shop’s local warranty is covered nationwide for up to 24 months/24,000 miles.

5. Automatic

This smart diagnostic tool and driving assistant connects to your car’s diagnostic port and logs your car’s health to the companion apps for iOS and Android. You can troubleshoot issues immediately. The app is free, but you will need to buy the Automatic Pro ($130) or Automatic Lite adapter ($80). The app can turn any car into a smart car with connections to a host of online services like Google, Nest, Hue, and more.
car apps for diriving

Key features:

  • Compatible with most cars sold in the U.S. since 1996.
  • Engine codes are explained in plain English and the app helps locate nearby repair shops.
  • Crash Alert notifies emergency services and a trained responder will contact you and your loved ones.

 6. TrueCar

TrueCar is an automotive pricing and information website for new and used car buyers. Their app, available for iOS and Android, is a mobile Price Check tool that gives you access to honest pricing on new cars available from certified dealers nationwide.

TrueCar indexes what people are paying for a specific make and model in your area, so you can compare prices and bargain for the right car.

Key Features:

  • Compare prices for new and used cars.
  • Access a network of 13,000 certified dealers across the U.S.
  • Free to use – TrueCar is paid by the dealership, not the customer.

 7. AutoGravity

AutoGravity is a car loan and leasing company. Use the iOS or Android app to choose a car loan for any make and model. The loan is processed through the app, which connects you to the right car dealership for the vehicle you want. AutoGravity is free to download and use.

Key Features:

  • Choose from multiple financing offers.
  • Use the calculator to estimate your monthly payments.
  • Available in 49 states (sorry, Nevada).

 What’s your favorite car app?

Apple’s CarPlay and Android Auto promise a shared relationship with our cars. Have you experienced this with any of your favorite car apps? Have apps improved your commute? Please share your favorite apps and why you love them in the comments section below.

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