Brace Yourself: New Jeeps Coming Soon

We’re not saying Jeeps have gotten a little boring over the past few years, but let’s be honest: there just hasn’t been much exciting news lately.

Sure, there was the addition of the Trackhawk trim and a few other new bits here and there. But for the most part, Jeep has had the same old, same old for about the last decade.

This year, thank goodness, someone decided to change that. And wow, we’re so glad they did. An influx of new Jeep models are expected to hit the market. As the race to build the biggest and best SUVs continues to heat up, there’s much speculation about how these models will pan out. But one thing’s for sure: we can’t wait to take them out for a drive.

We’re getting a truck again!

Let’s be real. Many of us who love Jeeps would also be happy to have a truck any day. We’re adventurous, and up for a challenge. So most of the time, a Prius just won’t sate our hunger for a thrill. And that’s where the 2020 Gladiator comes in, giving us the best of both worlds in one tough, off-road ready package.

For the first time in almost fifty years, Jeep will offer a truck in its lineup, and that’s something certainly worth the wait. Resurrecting the Gladiator nameplate, it’s a model that’s been highly anticipated.

The Gladiator is slated to share a sturdy – though some have said sluggish – V6 engine with Fiat Chrysler’s Dodge Durango and Ram 1500. And it seems it will have some options that Jeep’s lineup has been without for a while, as the Gladiator is also expected to have a diesel variant available, and a manual transmission option as well. Expect to see towing capacities topping out at around 7,650 pounds.

From the photos, it looks like it will include a crew cab configuration, and will, of course, offer a soft-top option à la the Wrangler. This model is pretty well set to launch for model year 2020, and made its debut at the LA Auto Show in 2018.

Will the Wagoneer make a return?

From what we know so far, it appears that there’s a new revival of the Wagoneer in the works, too. While it’s certainly not as far along as the Gladiator, this fairly-large-for-a-Jeep SUV would fill a big hole in Jeep’s offerings.

There’s no doubt that SUVs are hotter than ever right now, but one of Jeep’s big disadvantages is they don’t have any options capable of hosting three-row seating. Since the Commander left the lineup in 2010, the brand hasn’t offered anything similar.

And that’s where the Wagoneer could step in. While the specifics of how it’ll be built are still up for debate. There are a few things that have already been confirmed about this future SUV.

First off, it’ll be positioned to compete with other large luxury SUVs like the Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator and others, but the catch is it could go well above the six-figure mark, pushing it more into Range Rover territory. The idea is to make it large and luxe. Now, let’s just hope the faux wood paneling can be left where it belongs – in the past.

It also sounds like the Wagoneer will have a longer wheelbase model with the Grand Wagoneer. Cadillac has its Escalade ESV, and Lincoln has its Navigator L, and now Jeep could also offer two options of the same SUV if they decide to take this direction. It’s something that’s kind of unique, but albeit, not actually an awful idea. Though let’s hope it doesn’t push its already-large price tag up much higher.

Worth the wait? We’ll find out!

As is always the case, it’s time to once again play the waiting game. While there are already quite a few pre-production Gladiators running around, the same can’t be said for the Wagoneer. There’s going to be quite a bit of waiting time.

In the meantime, FCA has quite a bit to figure out. They’ve got quite a few promises to uphold, one of which includes adding PHEV variants to all of its powertrains after a mini-Dieselgate situation of its own. Oh, and figuring out how to market a $140,000 jeep to prospective luxury buyers might be on the table, too.

All we know at the moment is the Gladiator is coming, and the Wagoneer has been promised, too. Jeep news, especially new model news, has been few and far between for the past few years. So mostly, we’re excited to see what Jeep has brewing. For now, it’s another waiting game. But hey, after this long, what’s a few more months?

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