Bugstock 2: A Groovy Afternoon in the Park with Fab VWs

Shows old and new Beetles decorated with flowers and peace symbol.

The second annual Bugstock was an afternoon of fun, a trip back in time to the Age of Aquarius with sixties music, tie-dye, flower power, and hula hoops, all in honor of the vehicles of choice for the hip and the cool: the Volkswagen Beetle, the VW Bus, and their assorted relatives. While Bugstock didn’t draw quite as many people as its namesake Woodstock, the estimated crowd of 2,000 spectators saw a high-quality field of 40 VW cars, buses, and dune buggies sparkling in the sunshine. Judging was by popular vote, and some 500 votes were cast to determine the winners in seven categories.

A quality field on a sunny Sunday

Held at Twin Hickory Park in Glen Allen, Virginia, just outside of Richmond, the event was organized by Debbie Nolan and the staff of Henrico County Recreation and Parks. Debbie, the Recreation Manager, is the proud owner of a pristine 1969 Beetle that was on display at the showground entrance.

The category winners, decided by popular vote, were:

Fab Far Out Best in Show

Scott Lucith of Midlothian, Virginia took the award for his 1966 VW Bus for the second year in a row. Scott’s bus featured tie-dyed curtains, but was otherwise completely stock. The crowning glory was a “Humphrey – Muskie” bumper sticker adorning the rear window.

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Most Stoked – Best Engine

This award went to Troy Englehart of Sandston, Virginia. Troy’s engine had more glitz than a jewelry store and, no doubt, his 1964 Beetle can haul butt.

Most Stoked – Best Engine Award’64 Beetle
Most Stoked – Best Engine Award – ’64 Beetle

Most Shagalicious – Best Interior

This award went home with Frank Flores from North Chesterfield, Virginia, and his stunning 1957 Beetle. Frank’s Beetle had many aftermarket accessories and was flawlessly painted an eye-catching pale coral color. See our profile below.

Most Psychedelic Paint and Best Display

Awards went to Carolyn and Eddie Becker of Richmond, Virginia for their 1964 Beetle “Gertie.” Gertie was festooned with flowers and peace symbols, and had a rooftop carrier filled with authentic period luggage and a fishing rod. Carolyn gave out homemade Gertie coloring books and crayons to interested youngsters (and the young at heart).

Most Psychedelic Paint and Best Display Awards – ’64 VW Beetle
Most Psychedelic Paint and Best Display Awards – ’64 VW Beetle

Most Groovy Classic VW

This award accompanied Darren Witte home to Chesterfield, Virginia with his magnificent blue 1970 Karman Ghia. The superb paint was like looking into a blue-tinted mirror. A flowered peace sign, car models, and period paraphernalia made up Darren’s display.

Most Groovy Classic VW Award’70 Karman Ghia
Most Groovy Classic VW Award – ’70 Karman Ghia

Most Hip Modern VW

This award went to Mike Melton of Glen Allen for his special Cracker Jack Baseball 2000 New Beetle. This white Beetle features decorative faux red stitching around the exterior to resemble a giant baseball. See our profile below.

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Baseball, Cracker Jack, and VW Beetles

The 2000 New Beetle belonging to Mike Melton is a crackerjack car – and it’s also a Cracker Jack car. One of sixteen 2000 Beetles created as prizes for a contest celebrating the one hundredth anniversary of the Cracker Jack brand’s association with Major League Baseball, the exterior of Mike’s white VW is decorated with simulated red baseball stitching. The rounded shape of the New Beetle with the red stitching on a white background resembles a giant baseball and catches everyone’s eye. But when you open the door, the baseball theme really jumps out and grabs you. All the seats are clad in baseball glove brown leather complete with “Rawlings” logos; the gearshift knob is a leather baseball; the steering wheel is covered in white baseball leather; and the parking brake handle is a miniature baseball bat. Oh, and if that’s not enough baseball for you, the sound system plays “Take Me Out to the Ballgame.” Totally boss!

Mike’s had his baseball Beetle for over 10 years and is the car’s fourth owner. His special Beetle doesn’t get driven much – he’s put only about 16,000 miles on it during his ownership, bringing the total mileage up to 21,000 miles. Fittingly, Mike and his Beetle took home the “Most Hip Modern VW” award as voted by Bugstock 2 attendees.

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Stunning 1957 Beetle

Frank Flores and his family brought their magnificent 1957 Beetle and took home the “Most Shagalicious – Best Interior award.” Frank and his friends spent over two year bringing the Beetle back to better-than-new condition, finishing the car in a spectacular shade of pale coral. Frank wasn’t satisfied with just making the car look new; it’s also highly accessorized. Authentic period accessories include a windshield sun visor, headlight eyelids, bumper overriders, a roof rack, whitewall tires and a Thermador air cooler.  That’s one decked-out Bug!

Frank’s display nicely complemented the spectacular Beetle and included a gas station Firestone tire holder with a VW tire, and a picnic outfit including a basket, wine glasses, and a ‘50s flash camera to take a few picnic photos.

With VW Beetles trimmed in flower decals and peace symbols, displays with period-correct accessories and paraphernalia, and period music along with Woodstock trivia questions throughout the afternoon, Bugstock 2 pulled back the curtain of time just a little, giving younger generations a quick peek at the 1960s. For those of us of a certain age, however, Bugstock 2 was more than just a glance over our shoulders. The fab displays, the boss tunes of DJ Manny Green drifting across the show field, and the unmistakable clatter of air-cooled, four-cylinder engines resonated through our minds, awakening distant memories of long-forgotten people and places. Far out, man, it was a blast!



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