Bumblebee the Fate of Humanity Is at Stake Again

The 2007 science fiction action film, “Transformers,” based on the Hasbro kids’ toy with the same name, has just been released with its latest installment, “Bumblebee,” brought to you by Paramount Pictures.

Bumblebee is the franchise’s sixth installment and serves as a prequel to the 2007 Transformer’s film. Bumblebee takes place two decades before the events that transpired in the ’07 movie. It’s directed by Travis Knight (Kubo and the Two Strings), while the previous installments were all directed by Michael Bay. This film stars Hailee Steinfeld (Ender’s Game), John Cena (WWE wrestling, Blockers), and John Ortiz (Fast & Furious franchise) as well as Dylan O’Brien (Maze Runner) and Angela Bassett (Black Panther) in voice roles.

The movie was filmed in California with a budget of $102 million. It follows the adventures of Bumblebeethe youngest, yellowest and most energetic Autobot. He’s a risk taker, small but mighty. His BFF is Bulkhead, an Autobot that transforms into a helicopter. It scores points with its original story and a teen girl as the protagonist. The movie portrays Bumblebee as a Volkswagen Beetle instead of a Chevrolet Camaro. Expectations were low but the film got so many things right, which fans missed in the previous film.

The movie was originally slated to be released over the summer, but due to conflicts and issues, the release date was pushed back to late December. Bumblebee premiered at the Sony Center in Berlin, Germany early in December and was set to open in the U.S. Overall the reviews from critics have been positive. The film was praised for Steinfeld’s performance, as well as for recreating the nostalgic ’80s. Bumblebee has been called “the best installment of the Transformers franchise” (Rotten Tomatoes, 2018) and “Bumblebee is basically the movie that fans of the 1980s animated series wanted all along.” (IndyWire 2018)

Check out the trailer then see it in a theater near you.

Film summary (Beware of spoilers)

B-127 is sent to earth by Optimus Prime to set up a base of operations where the Autobots can regroup since they’re about to lose the civil war on their planet (Cybertron). B-127 crash-lands in California in 1987 and eventually transforms into a nearby yellow ’67 VW Beetle. A teenage girl, Charlie, finds B-127 in a junkyard, repairs him, names him “Bumblebee,” and teaches him how to communicate through his radio. Charlie and Bumblebee unlock a message from Optimus Prime and fight and defeat the enemy, the Deceptions. After a tearful goodbye, Charlie returns home, while Bumblebee transforms into a ’77 Chevrolet Camaro and awaits the next battle in his mission of defending earth.







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