Cars We Love: 1940 Plymouth PT 105


This 1940 Plymouth PT 105 pickup truck is a true rarity – Plymouth only made trucks from 1937 to 1941, and not many remain today (though Plymouth would revisit trucks again much later, in the 70s and 80s). Fewer than 7,000 PT 105s were produced.

Plymouth trucks were based on Dodge truck designs, though they had unique elements like the stylized “sailing ship” hood ornament that evoked the Mayflower (which, of course, landed at Plymouth Rock). The PT came with a 201-cubic-inch, 79 horsepower straight-six engine and a three-speed transmission, and cost around $500 new. These trucks were meant to be no-frills workhorse vehicles — believe it or not, the heater, radio, rear bumper, and right tail light were all optional equipment!

The reason Plymouth trucks were discontinued after 1941 is unknown, but most people seem to think that lower-than-expected sales were a factor. All civilian truck production ended in spring of 1942 anyway, as FDR’s “Arsenal of Democracy” ramped up in Detroit and automakers began building military vehicles for the war.



Photo by Katherine Tompkins



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