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Celebrities’ Favorite Car Washes

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They may have the best of everything and stir up excitement wherever they go, but celebrities have errands to run and things to do just like the rest of us. And yes, they have to get their cars washed. Why not enjoy a bit of fun and luxury the next time you need to wash your car? Experience the history and glamour the Hollywood area has to offer at one of these iconic car washes. You’ll get first-class service with a possible celeb sighting on the side.

Santa Palm Car Wash, West Hollywood

Unofficially known as the Car Wash of the Stars, Santa Palm Car Wash is arguably the first stop for celebrity sightings. Get your car washed, and enjoy the fancy waiting lounge. Score an upscale snack at the high-end convenience store while you wait for your car (and perhaps an Oscar winner). If you don’t happen to bump into anyone famous, there’s always the wall of fame with autographed photos of your favorite stars.

If acting as an amateur paparazzo gets dull – it’s mostly a waiting game – you can take a stroll down the street. Santa Palm is in a perfect location, sandwiched between high-end shops and upscale eateries. Pamper yourself and your car at the same time by enjoying some sushi or indulging in a lavish spa service.

Sunset Car Wash


Looking for the Hollywood elite? Look no further than Sunset Car Wash, named, in part, for its location at the corner of Sunset Boulevard and Hayworth Avenue. Sunset has been in operation for more than 30 years, so your car will be in good hands as you enjoy their shaded patio. You might be lucky enough to spot an A-lister getting the same professional service as you. With a convenience store that feels more like a high-end boutique, even if you don’t spot a celebrity, you can shop like one.

Studio City Hand Car Wash

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As far as Hollywood car washes go, there’s no establishment more iconic than Studio City Hand Car Wash on Ventura Boulevard. The sign – a giant hand holding a sudsy sponge and a classic Corvette – is a selfie destination on its own. Don’t forget to take a shot of yourself in the giant hand-shaped seats. Then enjoy a bit of old Hollywood glamour as you splurge on a hand wash service for your car. While you wait on their lush patio, discreetly keep an eye out for Tinseltown’s finest.

Studio City Hand Car Wash’s good points don’t just include a glitzy clientele and high-quality service. The company practices community involvement with fundraising events for local charities, and they’re part of the Greening of Studio City event, where they give out free tree seedlings for planting in homes and offices around the area.

Exclusive Car Wash

Sometimes you have to head off the beaten path to catch a celeb in their natural habitat. An Eastside icon on Alhambra Avenue, Exclusive Car Wash always seems to have a line. Discerning drivers don’t mind waiting for the top-notch service they get here. You can pamper your car and hear the latest celebrity gossip. Hungry? Order a Salvadoran snack from the corner café, and enjoy free water while you wait on their shaded patio with umbrellas and bar-top tables.

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