Collector Car Appreciation Day: Some Things Never Go out of Style

It’s official. Friday, July 13 is Collector Car Appreciation Day (CCAD).

One day a year, car enthusiasts commemorate and pay tribute (collectively or individually) to America’s ever-growing love affair with the car. Whether you own a collector car or just get a little thrill seeing them pass on the street, it’s your day to appreciate the classic car and recognize the essential role they’ve played in our nation’s history. Bring the family and pass along the passion.

Choose a way to celebrate:

  • Attend a classic car show or an official CCAD event
  • Host your own gathering or club meeting
  • Connect with nearby enthusiast groups and car clubs
  • Drive your ride, new or old, whatever the destination

The industry goal is to preserve our nation’s automotive heritage and celebrate the classics of the past and future. CCAD is a tribute to the collector-car industry and the millions of collectors around the country.

Events are scheduled nationwide to celebrate the ninth CCAD.


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