Cool Car Accessories for Your Dog

There’s nothing more precious in the world than your fur babies, but let’s be real: car rides can be a hassle. They want tag along go but cry once away from home. Your drinks get knocked over, including anything else in the way of your dog’s path of destruction. Driving with an animal jumping all over the car is both annoying and dangerous. You cringe every time they slide across the seat into the door or onto the floor.

Whether camping or simply attempting to enjoy an outing, these items will make your life easier, and hopefully be a little closer to the pleasant car ride you pictured.

Leash with Seat Buckle

This easy-to-use buckle is out of the way and not heavy enough to be a hindrance. It makes getting in and out of the car easier, and keeps your dog buckled in place for the duration of the ride.

Splash-Proof Travel Bowl

Made of rubber, this kind of travel bowl won’t hurt anyone if it’s knocked around, and the heavily lipped sides prevents splashing.

Booster Seat

A booster secures your dog in the vehicle, as well as provides a small, soft space to lie down. Some include pockets and can also be used to carry your pooch.

Car Kennel

Give your dog a soft but sturdy place to relax, plus visibility and ventilation to keep it comfortable. Many also include a washable mat and/or cover, as well as storage pockets for food or treats.

Telescoping Pet Ramp

Help your older or disabled doggo get in and out of the car comfortably with a ramp that extends and contracts. Many are made of aluminum, so they’re lightweight but strong, like a ladder.

Window Visor Cover

If you lower the window, it’s impossible to keep your dog’s head inside – they love the feel of the wind in their face. But you don’t have to fear your dog jumping out or at risk of injury. A visor not only keeps your pet safe but offers shade from the sun.

Large Drying Towel

Super absorbent and quite versatile, a large microfiber cloth is perfect to dry off your dog before hopping into the car.

Pet Seat Cover

A simple way to protect your vehicle from dog hair and dirty footprints. Some work as a true seat cover. Others are more like a hammock that also prevents your dog from climbing into the front seat, or getting lost on the floor behind you.

Trunk Liner

Like a seat cover for your cargo space, a liner protects the floor, sides and rear seats, too.  Some feature an anti-skid surface, making the trip less stressful for your pup and providing a larger dog with more comfort and space.

Pet First Aid Kit

Be prepared with first aid essentials in case of emergency. Buying a preassembled pet first aid kit takes out the guesswork and gives you more peace of mind.

Spend some stress-free, mess-free time on travel adventures with your best friend. A more peaceful road trip will make you both happier.

Photos by Connor Limbocker and [Andrew Pons.

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