The Michelin Defender T+H

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With one of the longest warranties in the business, the Michelin Defender T+H can go the distance with year-round control and a smooth, comfortable ride. Don’t take our word for it. See what our customers have to say:

I’m buying another set 

The tires are awesome. I have 108,000 miles on mine and am getting another set. I would say it’s unheard of. Great tires. Ride and grip very well.

Submitted 28 days ago

By RN hm health

From Pensacola florida

Great traction!

I own a 2016 Honda Odyssey Elite and never liked the Michelin Primacy MXV4 tires that came with the vehicle brand new. While the tires were quiet and comfortable, they were awful when it came to traction and handling. When a situation arose that needed instant acceleration to prevent an accident, the wheels would skip badly….the tires couldn’t grip the pavement…same with braking. The tread life was also awful. I have 27,000 miles on the van and had to replace the Primacy tires. I decided to try the Defender T+H because they were very similar to the Defender LTX M/S which is what we have on our Honda Ridgeline pickup. After having the new Defenders put on my van, I decided to put them through some rigorous road testing….they passed with flying colors! The tires didn’t skip once…not even a hint of a skip. Traction was amazing! The tires have improved the ride considerably. They feel firm, solid, and stable…I now feel comfortable going on long distance highway trips with the Defender T+H tires. I highly recommend this tire for anyone who owns an Odyssey minivan!!!

Submitted 28 days ago

By Irena

From Duncan, SC


Michelin Defender T+H | TireBuyer

A must have!

I got these Michelins at an excellent price and they’ve been a great tire. My 2012 Civic steering wheel used to vibrate when I drove, but after the new tires and a balance, my car drives like new. My husband would always complain about the vibration and now he has nothing but good things to say.

Submitted 2 months ago

By Lucky luciano

From Woodbridge, VA

The best I’ve ever bought!!!

I have bought many tires for my ’04 Honda Accord due to long traveling distance for work. I’m use to going 100+ miles a day. You know that’s a lot for one person to travel. I’ve bought plenty of tires and none seem to hold up and do what they claim. I’ve had these tires for about a month now, yes, I know it’s not long but I’m in love. I will continue to buy these until they go out. They wear well so far, they’re quiet, I barley feel anything while driving and they do very well in the wet and even pretty decent in the muddy areas of some roads that have begun to wash away. They brake well and are exactly as described in their general info. Get these. You won’t regret it.

Submitted 11 months ago

By Eshiawhite

From South carolina

If you can love tires, we love these!

I didn’t realize how bad our tires had gotten until we got a set of Michelin Defender T+H for our Avalon. OMG I had forgotten how nice that car could ride. Nice, quiet, cushy, couldn’t ask for more. We love them!

Submitted 5 months ago

By Suze

From Sunny Florida

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