Customer-favorite tire: Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport

This ultra high performance sport tire inspires rave reviews from everyone who drives on a set! Our customers love this tire’s dry and wet grip, as well as its smooth, comfortable ride. Read on to see what TireBuyer shoppers have to say about the Potenza RE760 Sport.

Great tires!

I purchased a previously driven 350 z from a very nice neighborhood. It has an HKS supercharger and Kotic wheels, with a large Bose sound system. And the top goes down!! It had only 35000 miles and was ready to go. The tires that came with the car were new. It handled great. Well you only get around 10000 miles on those tires, so it was time for new tires pretty quick. Shopped around and could not find matching tires for front and back. Every one wanted to sell me different brands. One place had them but was so expensive. My brother mentioned about online tires, and I gave it a shot. There they were, and Bridgestones within my budget!! I called first to see if it was real! And the gentleman on the other side of the phone gained my trust quickly. It took 4 days and both fronts and backs came to the door!! (staggered sizes) Had them professionally mounted down the block (didn’t seem to mind at all). The tires are what that car needed cause she’s not so squirly any longer. The traction in the rain is amazing! Dry take offs are much more positive. Complete satisfaction thanks

– Rob

Very Awesome Tires

I searched hard and heavy for a tire to go on my BMW 335i coupe. My main concern is hydroplaning resistance. My tires are wide so wet traction is extremely important. The grooves in the Bridgestone Potenza shed water with quickness and ease. They are very quiet and will corner like no other tire I’ve had on. Dry traction is tremendous! I haven’t had any dealings with ice and or snow yet so I can’t make a comment or prediction. I am 100% satisfied with my purchase and will buy these tires for my other vehicles as soon as they are needed without any hesitation. I would recommend these tires to anyone.

– Ricky B.

One word should suffice…Bridgestone!

I have need new tires for a while so I might be biased here, but, these 760’s have impressed me so far. The ride is smooth and supple. The noise is , well, gone. They grip like a vise, and avoid hydroplaning very well. I was doubtful since they “looked” like a directional but are not, at the wet road handling, but they do an amazing job. Have yet to see how they wear, but so far so good. My 1994 Dodge Stealth RT Twin Turbo looks great with these on her feet !!!

– 94StealthRTTT

Great tire, Great price!

These tires are better than OEM because the ride is smoother and more quiet. After searching multiple websites- had the best price. Would buy again.

– thejollygreenman


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