Customer-favorite tire: Continental ExtremeContact DWS06


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This all-season performer has been a TireBuyer customer fave for years (and it’s an employee favorite in our office as well!). Our customers rave about this tire’s exceptional grip (even in wet and snowy conditions), nimble handling, and long life.

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Continental ExtremeContact DWS06

“Competent Tire

“Living in the upstate of SC, we see the four seasons. I love taking my 06′ SAAB Aero through the foothills and mountains – keeping the boost up in the corners is fun with a tire that sticks to the road! A very good tire for highway and secondary roads.”

– Mtn man from South Carolina

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Continental ExtremeContact DWS06

“In 20 years of buying tires, these are the g.o.a.t”

“I’m a big car enthusiast, I’ve been driving for 20 year’s. In those 20 years I can honestly say I have been through it all with cars. Out of all the tires I have ever owned, these tires completely eclipse the rest. I own a mercedes sport model and wow.. I was floored on that first drive with these tires.. cornering with these tires are as if you’re on rails. Wet traction phenomenal. In the snow wow… Beastly the way it displaces the snow. I recommend these tires…! Keep your family safe and buy these tires!”

– Jv79 from New York


Continental ExtremeContact DWS06


“This tire is the best rubber on the road today! It combines excellent all-weather traction with top notch handling. What is crazy is that they are quiet and get their recommended mileage warranty. This is my 3rd set and have installed this same tire on my wife’s and son’s cars as well!”

 – Ironman4142 from North Carolina


Continental ExtremeContact DWS06

“The Premier All-Season Tire”

“This tire does it all: standing water, blistering heat, 18” of snow… nothing has been able to keep me from getting where I am going. I put these on my 2015 WRX and the only drop-off in performance from the stock tires was that these have a little more give in the side wall. Other than that, the grip in all conditions is comparable, and the snow performance is the best of any tire I have ever experienced that wasn’t a dedicated snow tire. The first weekend I had these I went on a trip to Red River Gorge in Kentucky, the day after they got ~16″ of snow. While the main roads were clear, the parking lot was full of snow. Turn off the traction control and these dug right through, no sweat. Not only has the performance been excellent, but so has the treadwear. I drive a 55 mile commute each way, a large portion of which is over chip and seal type road surfaces which is hard on tires. I will also admit to being a bit of a spirited driver… I don’t generally hit the brakes when the road gets twisty, and yet the last set of these lasted 68,000 miles on my car. Bottom line, if you are like me and too lazy to change tires for the season, do yourself a favor and buy a set of these.”

– SwimmingBird from Ohio

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