Customer-favorite tire: Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

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Our four-wheeling customers tell us that the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro mud terrain tire really shines when you take it off road. They’re raving about this tire’s ability to tackle any trail, pulling you through thick mud and even snow. We also get plenty of comments about the STT Pro’s rugged good looks and relatively smooth ride. We’ll leave you with a comment from our customer Mike, which seems to sum up the STT Pro perfectly: “Great on road manners, beasts in the mud.” Get yourself a set of these beasts and get out there!

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro

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I couldn’t have picked a better place to purchase my tires from….!! I was extremely surprised that they arrived at my tire shop the very next day after I ordered them with me giving no special delivery instructions. I selected these tires after reading several reviews and watching some YouTube video’s on their performance. I had them on mounted on my 98 Jeep Wrangler that I primarily use for trail riding. I was initially impressed at their very rugged & sharp appearance changing the looks of my Jeep for the better. After having these tires mounted and driving the Jeep out to the trails that I regularly run on, I was even more impressed & pleased with their performance. I highly recommend Tire Buyer as your source for your tire needs. Soon I will be looking to purchase tires for my Chevy dually & know that I will be a return customer….!! Couldn’t be happier & highly recommend these tires & Tire Buyer…..!!

–  Vettenharley from Alabama

Better than expected

I was shocked how smooth and soft feeling these tires are. My old tires were like concrete compared with to these Cooper Discoverer STT Pro. They have no radial pull at all. They’re 37/13.50/17 and my Jeep drives better now than ever. Was shocked how good they were in the snow and stopping was great. I never knew how bad my old tires were until I got these SST Pros. Haven’t been out wheeling yet but have friends that have them and tell me how great they are. Do yourself a favor and get them.

– Jim B from Washington

Outstanding after 20,000 miles

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I have a set of 305/55R20 on my 2012 Silverado 1500 and i am in love with them. These are my first mud tires so before I bought them I did a lot of research on the different brands. Ultimately I bought these because they’re American, a newer design, and the reviews were great. I have put 20K on them with everything from highway, around town, sand, mud, you name it. They are quiet on the road but still have a nice hum to let you know you’re rolling on some bamf tires. I have no issues with how they handle on dry pavement. I keep them at 35psi cold. The tread ware is pretty solid with much more than half left after 20K. At really low speeds you can feel the tread blocks but that’s to be expected. Once you get rolling they are smooth. They get a LOT of compliments on the looks. I can’t say enough about the offroad performance, that’s where they really impressed me. Just recently I did some trail riding where it was mostly jeeps. I ended up pulling a jeep out of a mud hole I had just driven through. People were shocked a pickup could tackle the terrain meant for jeeps. I credit it to the tires. Come to think of it, I have never gotten stuck with these but I have pulled multiple other people out. Great on road manners, beasts in the mud. You won’t be disappointed.

–  Mike93 from Florida

It’s an off road tire

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I did extensive research on these tires and what ultimately sold me was everyone who swears by these tires and has been running some form of Cooper Tires for decades. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked how they handled compared to my previous tires  I can feel the aggressive tread and hear the tires at all speeds. It’s when I drove off the pavement that solidified my confidence in the tires and my purchase. These tires have incredible dry surface traction. It’s driving through the mud that provided the greatest proof of purchase for me. My Tacoma feels like a tank with these things on in the mud, no problems pulling me through! I am completely satisfied with the purchase and as long as you remember they’re not a street tire, and can live with some minor on road rudeness, these tires are a 100% confidence booster!

– Andy from Texas

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