Customer-favorite tire: Nitto Ridge Grappler

Nitto tires are legendary among truck and SUV enthusiasts, so it’s not surprising that they’re raving about the rugged all-terrain Ridge Grappler. Note that one thing keeps coming up in these reviews: the surprising quietness of the tires. If you want a tough, great-looking all-terrain tire that also has good highway manners – the Ridge Grappler is for you!


Without a doubt the best tire I have ever bought!

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If you want the performance of a mud terrain, the life of an all terrain, and the silence of a highway tire, look no further! These tires perform great in rain, snow and dry conditions. I live in northern Indiana where we experience all extreme seasons. I opted for the 295/70R18 on my 08 Ram. In order for these to fit, I installed a Rancho quick lift strut which raised the truck about 2.5″. I also had to install 2″ wheel spacers so the tires wouldn’t rub. I couldn’t be happier with the look and performance.

– Nick from Indiana


Awesome tires

I purchased the ridge grappler because it the only tire in that size that offers a load range F. I need the extra load capacity of this tires and I wanted more off road traction. I pull a 19,000 lb. trailer with 3700 lbs of tongue weight and these tire hold up. I had Terra grapplers before and they do not have good off road traction. The ridge grappler has a lot of bite and still considerable smooth and quiet for the amount of aggressive tread they have. You can feel a little vibration from the tires at different speeds but you have to expect some vibration from an aggressive tire.

– Tricky from North Carolina


Excellent hybrid tire

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The Nitto Ridge Grappler is the perfect balance for work and play. I am on the road 3 days a week and in the woods on the weekends. This tire offers a smooth quiet ride while on the interstate as well as great traction when getting off on a camp road. I would put this tire first in a competition against other tires of its types because of its ability to act as both a street and mud tire. It doesn’t hurt that they look great too!!!

– Taylor from Louisiana


Amazing tires, would definitely buy again

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I am a huge nitto fan, had mud grapplers before and loved them even though they were loud i knew what i was getting myself into before buying the mud grapplers. Upgraded to 37s and the mud grapplers would have been too heavy for my two door jeep so i went with the ridge grappler and so far the best choice ive made. extremely happy and off road they feel just as good as the mud grapplers. I am very impressed with you quiet they are, coming off a loud tire i feel like now im driving in my girlfriend’s sentra.

– Luis from Florida

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