Customer-favorite tire: The Bridgestone Ecopia EP422

Since Earth Day is coming up, we thought we’d feature an eco-friendly tire our customers love. Little-known fact: The 422 in the tire’s name is actually a nod to Earth Day, which falls on April 22. As you might expect, fans of this tire cite the improvement in fuel efficiency as a huge plus, but they also love the long life and overall performance of the tire. Sounds like a win-win to us!


“So amazing I bought another set!”

“I put a set of these on my Sentra back on 2011, three years later and over 93,000 miles on the tires and I just replaced them this morning…with these exact tires. I live in PA and these tires did well enough in the rain, ice and snow that I made it to work (45 min away) on days that people with 4×4’s and AWD autos called off. I check the psi at least once a month, rotate every 10k miles or so and these tires have been amazing.

– K.M. from Pennsylvania

 eco friendly tires

“It’s True!”

“After driving six months on aggressive snow grips there is always a difference putting the M+S rubber back on. You will always notice the change, but this time I’ve noticed a BIG change. Smoother riding, quieter rolling and best of all an easy four (4) MPG increase. Yes my CRZ EX is a Hybrid but when you can add four miles per gallon on such a car it’s just a smart choice. From 36 MPG to 40.8 MPG everything else these tires have to offer seems like a gift. Go for it. get these tires under you and enjoy everything these tires have to offer.”

– C.R. from New Jersey

“Better Gas Mileage”

“Had to actually see the better gas mileage on my car and it is true what you read about these tires. First trip and an improvement of over 2 miles per gallon with the Ecopia on the Volvo. Best mileage I have ever had on this car.”

– Thomas from Oregon

“A great tire for 100,000 miles”

“I have been delighted with these tires since I bought my first set a little over 100,000 miles ago. I drive a lot of miles in all types of weather and they have never let me down. I am buying a replacement set tomorrow and hope to get 100,000 miles on those as well.”

– Ron, location unknown

Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 | TireBuyer

“Outstanding tire”

“Great tire, quiet, comfortable, good mpg, SAFE, runs as well during the winter as it does during the summer. I wish there’d be a tire like this for my M5 as well but the sizes seem to be unavailable. I have 22k miles on these tires and they are not even at 1/2 life. I drove the car last winter when not even SUV’s were able to get on the ice and had literally not one issue. I read other reviews and while most are in accord with my observations I found some that are completely biased like the one on Leaf, we are reviewing tires for real cars not belts for washing machines… no kidding now this is a perfect tire don’t hold back on buying it it’s totally worth the money!!”

– R.F. from Illinois



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