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Even people who don’t normally write reviews feel compelled to write in about Toyo’s amazing mud terrain tire, the Toyo Open Country M/T. They’re loving the incredible handling and traction, the hauling capability, the quiet, comfortable highway ride, and of course, the fact that the tire is made right here in the U.S.A. (in Georgia, to be specific). Check out what these loyal customers have to say below!

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Excellent off-road tire!

This was my first time purchasing a Toyo product. I read a few reviews about the Open Country M/T. I bought a set of 35×12.5×17 for my Jeep Cherokee. My Jeep is mainly used for off-road fun in Lake Arrowhead, Big Bear and Johnson Valley, CA. I had them on my Jeep Saturday morning, and hit the trails that afternoon. Fantastic tire! I am impressed. The fact that it is made in the USA only made it better. I was going up trails in 2wd that I would have had to use 4×4 with my previous tires, Mastercraft MT. They were decent tires, but these Open Country MT are far superior. I did a bit of street driving and they are very quiet on the street. Highly recommend these tires for your off-road rig!

Jason from California

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 Awesome tire!

So I don’t normally do things like write reviews on stuff but wow!!! The set of Toyo tires that I have on my dodge ram 1500 4 x 4 are the second set i’ve had. I would have loved to buy more but the need is just not there. The first set I had I got 140,000 km out of and the set I am on now just rolled over 150,000 km. The quality of your tires is unmatched by anyone else. I have recommended your tires to everyone I know and do nothing but brag about how long they last. Like I said I don’t normally write reviews but I felt compelled to contact you and let you know just how absolutely pleased I am with your product. Thank you for being the one tire that is without a doubt a cut above the rest and the only tire I will ever purchase again! Thank you Toyo!!!!

– Ryan from Alberta, Canada

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Performance and grip are outstanding

Easily the best tires I’ve ever bought and my F-250 would agree. Obviously these tires are designed for off-roading but it’s on the streets where they really surprised me. Highway noise is barely noticeable. The ride is extremely comfortable. Handling and grip in the dry are superb and it gets even better in the wet. I’ve always had a little slippage taking off from traffic lights or stop signs in the rain because of the low end torque of a 6.0L diesel with other manufacturers’ tires, but the Toyo MTs will simply not let go. There’s something to be said for having the confidence in your tires to handle anything that’s thrown at them. I’m a customer for life.

– Sean from Los Angeles

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Absolutely the BEST truck tire out there

I’ve used several different brand tires on my truck and without a doubt these are the best you can get if you want an aggressive offroad tire AND a great tire for highway driving. I’ve had mine for about two years, 80% use on the road, with hardly any noticeable wear. They perform flawlessly offroad and surprisingly great in winter conditions too! Five stars in every category. Plus I pull a 27′ travel trailer in the summer and have had zero problems – mine have a D load rating and many sizes are E – often difficult to find for this type of tire but very important if you haul with your truck. As for price, a good tire isn’t cheap but I paid less for mine than most of the major competitors out there. And if looks are important to you, these tires do look great. I’m about to retire my truck as she’s getting old and buy a new one – I’ll need a different size tire but I’m not even looking at anything else – the stock tires are going up for sale and I’m buying new Toyo MT’s.

– Bazz from Ontario, Canada


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