Elvis Presley’s Car Collection

Celebrities and stars have always been known to enjoy fast and fancy cars. And Elvis is no exception. Although his long-lasting love affair with the Cadillac is well known, he collected from a range of brands. Here’s a peek at the King of Rock and Roll’s car collection.

The 1954 Pink Cadillac

A pink and white second-hand car that’s best known for going up in flames a day after Elvis had purchased it, due to a break lining catching fire. But that didn’t deter him a bit and he immediately purchased the following year’s model.

The 1955 Pink Cadillac Fleetwood Series 60

A new Cadillac Fleetwood Series 60. It was originally blue with a black roof but got repainted in “Elvis Rose” shortly after being purchased. It’s been called the most famous car in the world and was ultimately a gift to his mom.

1954 Cadillac Series 75 Fleetwood Limousine

This car got a paint job as well. It was originally blue, but after the King bought it, it was painted yellow. The car was used haul chickens, ducks and peacocks around the grounds of his home. Even though it was professionally detailed, cleaned and fumigated, it was never the same.

1956 Cadillac Eldorado

Originally white with a black interior, Elvis squashed a handful of grapes on the fender and told the customizer that was the color he wanted. The upholstery was changed to white leather, and the floor covered in fur that was dyed purple. His initials, entwined with a guitar and music notes, were added as a final touch.

1958 Volkswagen Beetle

Elvis’s first car in Germany, which was gifted to his Karate instructor.

1958 BWM 507

Originally driven by racer Hans Stuck. In order for the car to be used as a day-to-day car, it needed some modifications, but overall the car drove well.

1960 Lincoln Continental Mark 5

This car was specially ordered by Elvis while he was in the Army, stationed in Germany. Later, it was gifted to a member of his group of friends, nicknamed the Memphis Mafia.

1961 Rolls Royce Phantom V

He bought this one as a gift to himself after signing a five-year contract with famous film producer Hal Wallis.

1960 Cadillac Series 75 Fleetwood Limousine

Known as the “Elvis Presley Gold Car,” its original cost was $100K as it came with gold-plated interior gadgets such as a phone, shoe buffer, refrigerator, entertainment console with a 10-record RCA record player, swivel TV, and tape deck.

1962 Ford Thunderbird Sports Roadster

This car was plagued with problems. Elvis eventually returned it to “the nearest dealership” as instructed by Edsel Ford (son of Henry).

Stutz Blackhawk

Elvis was the first American to own a Stutz. He owned four in total over the years and each had its own interesting history – one was wrecked while being out to get washed, one was imported from Italy, one was very unique because it had a red leather interior with 18-karat gold-plated trim, and one is known to be the last car the King of Rock and Roll drove before his death.

1971 De Tomaso Pantera

This yellow sports car was Elvis’s gift to his girlfriend at the time. The total cost of the car was $2,400.

1975 Ferrari Dino 308 GT4

Currently on display at Graceland, this car was purchased second-hand via a payment plan. Yeah, we’re scratching our heads, too.

1977 Cadillac Seville

This two-tone burgundy and silver Cadillac with white leather interior was the last one Elvis ever purchased


Elvis Presley also loved motorcycles, tractors and bikes.



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