Father’s Day Doings – Part 2

Dad’s day at home – Father’s Day is June 17

No matter what you think, his best gift is spending time with you. Stuck at home and can’t think of a thing to do with dad? No problem. We’ve compiled a list of things your car-enthusiast dad will love. Read on for some stay-close-to-home ideas.

Local car shows

Stroll a selection of lovingly-restored classic cars, showroom quality, luxurious and expensive. Grab a snack, snap a pic and indulge dad in his love of cars.

Every Car Show is a searchable data base of upcoming car shows and events.
Car Show Finder can guide you to local car shows and auto events near you.

Do-it-yourself “car show”

All you need is a Netflix account, a comfy couch, your favorite snacks and maybe a few cold ones to share with the guy who taught you how to drive.

Check these out and hold your own “car show” at home:


Top Gear
The British show that tests cars against their own manufacturer’s claims.

Monster Garage
Mechanic Jesse James transforms regular vehicles into outrageous roadsters.

Gearheads put barely-legal, junked-out street machines through their paces.

Epic Drives
A high-octane global adventure discovering the world’s coolest and fastest cars.

Podcast Listening

Car Talk
An award-winning radio show on NPR, it ran from 1977-2012 as a call-in talk show discussing cars and auto repair with a sense of humor.


Gone in 60 Seconds
2000, Nicolas Cage, Angelina Jolie
A proficient car thief with one night to steal 50 cars, this flick features a barrage of bad acting and good car chases.

Road Warrior
1979, Mel Gibson
The first in the franchise, a one-man force in a post-apocalyptic world where gas is everything.

The Fast & Furious
2001, Vin Diesel, Paul Walker
The undercover world of street racing tests the loyalty of an L.A. cop. A car classic.

The Italian Job
2003, Mark Wahlberg, Charlize Theron
A gold heist highlighted by jaw-dropping, “how did they do that?” stunt driving on the streets of Venice and L.A.

2013, Chris Hemsworth
Adrenalin-pumping race scenes co-star in a fierce rivalry between two Formula 1 racecar drivers.


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