Five Date Ideas for Car Enthusiasts

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Trying to figure out a great Valentine’s Day date for the car lover in your life can be difficult. Fortunately, there are a number of options that combine the love of cars with fun quality time together. Check out our list of car-themed date ideas for your Valentine’s Day:

Automotive museums

A fairly easy date idea is to visit a local car museum – for example, the Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles. You can spend hours letting your date excitedly tell you things about rare and classic cars. Even if you couldn’t care less about cars, going to a car museum will show your date that you care about their interests, especially if it was your idea to go in the first place. Trust us, a date like this will pay future dividends for your relationship.


You can find go-kart racing in cities all over the country, and it can be a really fun date, especially if you and your valentine are competitive by nature. Go-karts can be challenging to master but they offer a huge adrenaline rush, especially if the track has some great corners and fast cars. Even better, it doesn’t take a huge commitment of time – you’ll probably be in and out of there in less than two hours, leaving plenty of time to get a nice dinner and brag about your track exploits.

Drive-in movie

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Drive-in movies are one of the more iconic car-based dates, with a history almost as old as cars themselves. While drive-in theaters aren’t as common as they once were, many cities still have one or two around, usually on the edge of the suburbs. Drive-ins are great date idea because the car offers a much more private experience than the movie theater, allowing romance to bloom unimpeded by sticky floors and strangers who hog the arm rest. As an added benefit, tickets to the drive-in are often cheaper than a regular theater as well, and the concession prices usually don’t make you feel like you’re being robbed. While you can bring any car to a drive-in, this date would be perfect with a classic or an older truck, especially if it has a bench seat in the front.

Picnic and country drive

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A country drive and picnic is a great date idea for car enthusiasts, if the weather is nice of course. Drive out of town, into the country where the roads get a bit less straight, and find a scenic spot to have some lunch. Your enthusiast date will love the excuse to drive some roads that are a bit more fun than what they normally drive on, so be sure to let them drive. A great night-time alternative to this date is to go stargazing out in the country instead. To take this date to the next level, consider renting a more exciting car for the day through a service like Turo. There are also other exotic car rental services around the country, if you want to really spoil your date with their dream car – but keep in mind they can be quite pricey.


If you have access to a four-wheel drive vehicle, why not take your date off-roading? Even beginner off-road adventures can make your date feel like they’re in a country song, while more advanced trails can result in the sort of interpersonal bonding that can only come from conquering a challenge together. If you’re not sure where to go, websites like TrailsOffroad and off-roading forums will point you in the right direction.


Photos by: Nick Ares, Jack Pierce, Brett Levin

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