Five ridiculously expensive miniature model cars


Everyone knows that it’s possible to spend unthinkable sums on classic and luxury cars. But did you know that you can spend just as much, or even MORE on mere models of those cars? We suppose it could make sense – if you want to spend a massive amount of money on a car, why not also spend an absurd amount on a tiny model of it, so you can take it with you everywhere as you travel the world? All joking aside, these are true masterpieces, requiring hundreds to thousands of hours to produce.

1.) Bauer Diecast Model Cars – Bugatti Atalante Type 57SC – $2,199

The exceptionally rare Bugatti Atalante Type 57SC is considered to be one of the most beautiful pre-war cars ever made. Only two exist in the entire world, and considering they only ever seem to go from garage to occasional concours events, you may never get to see one. You can, however, own a very detailed model of one for a handsome sum. The Bauer Atalante Type 57SC is so detailed, in fact, that the radiator cap is even hinged, just like the real thing.

2.) Amalgam Model Cars – Ferrari 250 GTO – $10,160

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The Ferrari 250 GTO is considered by many to be the most desirable and most expensive car in the world, so it makes sense that a high-fidelity model of the car would be incredibly expensive as well. Amalgam Models is well-known for its incredibly pricey models, but the Amalgam 250 GTO is their most expensive one yet. Built at a large 1:8 scale, their 250 GTO features a variety of moving parts and real leather in the interior, and was carefully scrutinized by Ferrari themselves. Amalgam will even build the car to match the Ferrari 250 GTO in your garage.

3.)  Stuart Hughes/Robert Gülpen – Bugatti Veyron – $2.93 million

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While the previous two cars were almost exact replicas of classic cars, the Stuart Hughes/Robert Gülpen Bugatti Veyron doesn’t quite fall into the same category. Instead of exact paint colors and interiors that you could mistake for the real thing, Hughes and opted to build the Veyron out of solid 24 karat gold and platinum, and for good measure put a 7.2 carat flawless diamond in the car’s grille. But it isn’t just some crude representation; it’s also highly detailed with moving parts and an intricate engine. All in all, this model costs $2.93 million, which is $1.23 million more than the price of actual car itself. To quote Jalopnik, “This is the dumbest product in the history of consumerism.”

4.)  Robert Gülpen –  Lamborghini Aventador – $6 million

Robert Gülpen managed to outdo his previous work with this Lamborghini Aventador. Where a standard Aventador costs about $400,000, his model Aventador costs $6 million, or roughly 15 times the cost of the actual car. That being said, Gülpen’s Aventador is incredibly striking. The body is made from real carbon fiber, the wheels are made of platinum and gold, and the seats, headlights, instruments, and steering wheel are made of diamonds. If you’re paranoid about someone swiping the car, don’t worry – it comes with a bulletproof case that features a Lamborghini logo made of precious gemstones.

5.) Robert Gülpen –  Gold Lamborghini Aventador  – $7.5 million

If you haven’t noticed, Robert Gülpen is a bit obsessed with making the world’s most expensive model cars. His latest endeavor builds of off his previous Aventador, but takes it to the next level. After baking the car’s carbon fiber body to seal it, it’s covered in a 1/1000 mm thin gold sheet. This gives the model a striking gold shimmer while still being thin enough for the beautiful carbon fiber weave to show through. It’s said that the total material value of the car is $2.6 million and like the previous model, the Gold Aventador also has a bulletproof case and a gemstone Lamborghini logo.

Photos by: Legacy Diecast Models, Lothar Spurzem (2, 3), Stuart Hughes,


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