Four fun ways to entertain kids during a road trip


As a mom, you love spending time with your kids – most of the time, that is. (The same goes for you dads, too!) For example, while you’re looking forward to your upcoming road trip – just you and the kiddos – you definitely don’t want to listen to, “Are we there yet?” for hours on end.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to keep kids happy and entertained during road trips. Here are four of our favorites:

The word association game

In this game, notes blogger Alpha Mom, one of you starts the game by saying any word that comes to mind. The next person has to say a related word, and so on. You’ll be amazed at the long string of words you and your kids will come up with, as you go from something like “tomato” to “red” to “ketchup” to “French fries” to “cheeseburgers,” and on and on.


You probably spent plenty of time reading on road trips when you were little, so you know it’s a great way to pass the time. As long as reading in the car doesn’t make your kids queasy, treat them to a new book or two before leaving on your vacation or download some books to their tablets. And if carsickness is an issue, try audiobooks – you can all listen together, or the kids can “read” via headphones.


kid games

With some pre-planning, jigsaw puzzle-loving kids can enjoy their fave activity in the car. Megan from the my kind of makeover blog suggests gluing a small flat magnet to the back of each puzzle piece and letting your kiddos stick the pieces together on a metal cookie sheet.

Travel journal kits

kid journal

This great idea comes from the Baby Center blog. Give each child an age-appropriate travel journal kit that they can use while you’re on the road, to record memories of your vacation. Include a notebook and markers along with a glue stick or tape for adding souvenirs like postcards, brochures from your hotel, and other items. In the car, they can jot down notes about cool things they saw on the drive, where you stopped for lunch, how many miles you drove that day, and which out-of-state license plates they spotted on the interstate.

With just a little prep time before you hit the road, road tripping with the kids can be fun! What are your favorite ways to keep little ones occupied on a long trip? Let us know in the comments.


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Photos by: Lars Plougmann

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