Fun and creative ideas for car-themed rooms for kids

Your child loves everything that has to do with cars — monster trucks, races, Hot Wheels, video games, remote control cars, and so much more. Surprise your child with an epic summer project to turn their room into a car paradise. Here are a few ideas to transform every part of the room:

The bed

CarBed_Jason Lander

The most obvious first step is to get your child a racecar bed. Pick their favorite color and the right size to make an immediate impact to your car theme. If you want to raise the bed off of the ground, you can make the risers or bed frame look like tires or paint the posts to look like a road stretching down into the floor.

Now it’s time for bedding. Buy sheets, pillow cases, and a comforter with sports cars, monster trucks, or racecars on them. If you want to be a little more creative, you can make your own pillow cases to look like they have tire treads or headlights on them. Create your own stencil with these directions from School of Decorating. (1)

The floor


This is one of the easiest parts of the room to transform with some giant rugs. You can buy one of the classic town map rugs that have roadways, buildings, and paths for your kids to play on. This type of rug is perfect for small toy cars like Hot Wheels. If you want to go a little bigger, though, buy a large rug (or several) that looks like a street with lanes. You could get several stripes and configure them to make paths throughout the room, or have one long strip down the middle of the room for your child to play on.

The walls


Depending on how crafty you are, there are a few different options for your walls. You can buy wall decals of your child’s favorite racecar driver, car, or monster truck from companies like Fathead. If you’re good with a paint brush, you can paint tire treads or a winding road up and down the walls. If you opted for the racecar bed (which you totally should), paint a curved road leading up to the bed to make it look like it’s driving out of the wall.

There’s also a lot of car-themed decor you can hang on the walls. Frame posters of cars, trucks, or drivers that your child loves. Craft your own picture frames and mirror frames with rows of Hot Wheels cars glued together as the border. Another creative idea is to use an old tire as a 3-D frame. You can hang some thin shelves on the inside of the tire wheel to display your child’s toy car collection or racing trophies.

The furniture

Don’t stop yet! We have one last creative idea for your car-themed room: a tire seat. Simply spray paint an old tire in your child’s favorite color and make a cushion to fit on top. SFGate has an easy tutorial for making your own cushions out of foam and any type of fabric. (2) Choose a car-themed fabric or go for a solid color to help the actual tire stand out. When your child is finally tired of playing and running around, this is a great spot for them to kick back and relax in their bedroom.

Sources: School of Decorating, SFGate

Photos by: Bedzine, PlaSmart Inc., David Goehring


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