What do you get the Corvette lover who has everything…?

If you were as transfixed as we were by the National Corvette Museum sinkhole and the subsequent recoveries of the damaged cars, you might be interested in this. The museum’s gift shop is selling jars filled with sinkhole dirt! No promises are being made about the composition of the dirt, but news accounts we’ve read imply that it contains tiny bits of fiberglass from the cars. Just $10 buys you this dirty little bit of history – the perfect stocking stuffer for your favorite Corvette enthusiast.

The gift shop is also selling an assortment of other sinkhole-related items like t-shirts, decals, posters, and a DVD that tells the full sinkhole story.

More sinkhole news: Blue Devil restored!

In other sinkhole news, one of the damaged Corvettes, the 2009 ZR1 “Blue Devil,” has already been restored by GM’s talented Global Logistics Services team – and it looks amazing. This is the Corvette that started up under its own power immediately after it was hauled out of the sinkhole, so admittedly it was one of the least damaged cars, but it now looks brand new. The restored car made its debut at the SEMA auto industry show in Las Vegas earlier this month, and it’s now back at the National Corvette Museum.

According to the museum, the damage to the Blue Devil included:

  • Cracked carbon-fiber ground effects and a broken passenger-side rocker panel
  • A damaged passenger front fender, as well as cracks in both doors
  • Cracked windshield, hood window glass, and passenger headlamp assembly
  • Bent rear control arms on the driver’s side
  • Cracked oil lines to the supercharged LS9 engine’s dry-sump oiling system

Two other sinkhole cars will be restored – the 1992 1 Millionth Corvette, by GM’s team; and the 1962 black Corvette, by an as-yet-unnamed team of restoration specialists. The five other cars will be displayed in the museum in their damaged states.









Image courtesy National Corvette Museum

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