Get Your Fill of Auto Shows in 2019

If you’ve never attended a car show, do you know what you’re missing? The answer is cars and more cars. Auto shows provide the public with opportunities to see what’s new in the auto industry and get a firsthand preview of future vehicles from many manufacturers.

Here are 5 reasons why you should attend an auto show, according to

World debuts

Many car manufacturers introduce highly anticipated models as well as groundbreaking concept cars.

Compare makes, side by side

You have the ability to see new cars and compare them to each other. Unlike a dealer’s lot, a car show is the best place to see new model X and new model Y from car manufacturer Z in the same place.

No pressure, no stress

Typically these shows are fun and there’s no salesman pressuring you to buy. Just get behind the wheel and test the car out.

Follow the crowds

Car enthusiasts are always interested in where auto industry trends are headed. Pay attention to the crowds and their reactions, it can be even more telling than the car itself.

Free stuff

Many manufacturers have tons of swag!

Here’s a year of events to whet your appetite and keep you filled.






  • TBD


  • TBD


  • TBD


  • Expected Shows:
    • NACE


  • Expected Shows:
    • Memphis International Auto Show


  • 15-17: Connecticut International Auto Show
  • Expected Shows:
    • Orange County International Auto Show
    • Nashville International Auto Show
    • Central California Auto Show
    • Tampa Bay New Car + Truck Show
    • Arizona Auto Show
    • LA Auto Show
    • Seattle International Auto Show



  • TBD

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