Giving Back to the Community

You have most likely seen tire brand logos on sport fields or racetrack walls at events. Tire manufacturers spend more than $135 million on sports sponsorships yearly. While sponsorships are great, tire manufacturers also give back to their communities by supporting local and national charities. Many have a long history with charitable giving, spanning veterans’ causes to children’s rights. These four prominent tire companies set the gold standard for benefitting a wide range of charities.

Cooper Tire and Rubber
Supporting the Military

Cooper Tire and the American military go way, way back. The company got its start in WWII, producing pontoons, landing boats, waterproof bags and camouflage items, inflatable barges, life jackets and tank decoys, as well as tires, to supply the Allied forces. In 1945, the company was honored with the Army/Navy “E Award,” for excellence in the production of war equipment. Today, the company still makes great strides supporting veterans and organizations that benefit American soldiers. Cooper Tire has a robust hiring program for veterans, and they’re an active member of the Army’s Partnership for Youth Success Program. Cooper Tire won the United Way’s Live United Award in 2018 for its charity work that raised over a million dollars. Cooper has also partnered with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and the Professional Bull Riders Association to “Think Pink” in support of breast cancer research.

Continental Tire
Charity Ball

Since 2014, Continental has held a partnership with a charity that spreads the love of soccer to children in impoverished communities across the globe. Together they provide new quality soccer balls to children in poverty-stricken communities all over the world. Charity Ball was conceived by 10-year old Ethan King and has delivered thousands of soccer balls to over 45 countries. “What Ethan has done over the years is simply amazing,” said Travis Roffler, director of marketing for Continental Tire. “Taking his passion for the game of soccer and turning that into a successful cause marketing campaign at just 10-years-old, and then launching the organization into what it is today, is commendable. We’re proud to support Ethan and Charity Ball and hope that others will do the same.” Continental Tire continues its efforts to spread the love of soccer – one soccer ball at a time.

Hankook Tire
Welfare Foundation

Since 1990, Hankook Tire has been spreading good through the Hankook Tire Welfare Foundation. According to the company, they’ve pledged to pursue sustainable social value and keep “driving” towards a better tomorrow. The foundation has three main areas of focus: mobility projects, community engagement, and support for children and teens. They offer “Tire” sharing for social welfare agencies,

strollers for low-income multicultural families, batteries for mobility aids for the disabled, as well as scholarship assistance for talented school and university students who are dedicated to learning but struggle due to their poor economic conditions. One of their largest ongoing projects, a Social Housing Fund Program, provides housing support for at-risk populations such as marginalized women, teenagers, and individuals living with disabilities. And who doesn’t love a company that supports a youth camp? Hankook’s “Donggeurami Hope Camp” and “Donggeurami Ski Camp” held during summer and winter vacations offer children from low-income families rarely available opportunities to access cultural activities and experience-based learning to promote their healthy growth.


InTIREnational Art Contest

Michelin is committed to living in harmony with local communities to create a better way forward through increased mobility and sustainability. As part of the Michelin Performance and Responsibility Ambition, Michelin North America has a long tradition of social commitment to programs and activities that strengthen their ties with the communities in which their employees work and live in by contributing to the vitality of the region and encouraging employees to get involved. The InTIREnational Art Contest was part of Upstate International 2016, a month-long series of community events and activities that celebrate the cultural diversity of South Carolina’s Upstate. The Michelin InTIREnational Art Contest was hosted by Michelin North America in conjunction with Upstate International. Michelin challenged participants to create a piece of art that answers the question of how the Upstate of South Carolina celebrates international inclusion. Using up to four scrap tires donated by Michelin, participants are asked to convert ordinary tires into extraordinary works of art. Two winning works of art were selected, and each winning entry received a $5,000 donation to a charity, school, or non-profit of its choice.

Next time you need tires, or see one of those tire company logos on the field or race track, you can add one more reason to buy a certain brand based on their charitable giving.

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