Can tires be terrifying? You be the judge

Everyone dresses up for Halloween – but how many people make Halloween costumes for tires? We’re guessing not many. So this year, the TireBuyer team decided to dress up some of the tires we had around the office (yes, we have plenty of tires around our office – and don’t worry, these are tires that can’t be sold, so we’re not dressing up our inventory!).

Our creative team members transformed tires into a huge wedding ring (Put a tire on it…?), a Mardi Gras partier, a delicious pink donut with sprinkles, a handsome yet hirsute gentleman, a spooky insect, a place setting (perfect for your most elegant dinner parties), an Angry Bird, and a tubular wave with a silver surfer hanging ten.

And that’s not all – on the creepier side, one tire became a costume for a murderous doll; another became the bloody downfall of a large stuffed animal.

Which is your favorite tire transformation? Let us know in the comments. And have a tire-riffic Halloween!
tire beetle
hirsute gentleman tire
making mardi gras tire
Halloween tires collage

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