Ironman All Country Mud Terrain Conquers Hell’s Revenge

We challenged the Ironman All Country M/T mud terrain tires with the ultimate test for rock crawling and off-road driving ability. They took on and conquered the infamous Hell’s Revenge off-road trail including climbing Hell’s Gate. Experienced rock crawling driving skills and the necessary modifications to your truck or SUV are mandatory to even consider attempting this climb. In our case, a 2-door Jeep JK Rubicon with a 4″ Rancho suspension lift, differential skid plates, stubby bumpers and stronger axle shafts were added by Twisted Jeeps in Moab, UT. Most importantly, a fresh set of 315/70-17 10-Ply Ironman All Country M/T mud terrain tires featuring a three-ply sidewall were mounted for the two-day expedition.


“Hell’s Gate is not for the faint of heart, or timid. This climb requires precision driving and confidence in your equipment, particularly your tires, to get you to the top of Hell’s Gate,” stated Travis Johnson technical product expert for TireBuyer. He added, “The All Country M/Ts three-ply sidewall and square block style tread design proved its climbing ability without the use of lockers.”

The Ironman M/Ts continued its two-day expedition by successfully navigating the “Fins & Things” and “Poison Spider” trails in Moab UT. “The All Country M/T’s held up on the harsh jagged rock of the Poison Spider trail and showed no signs of tread chunking or sidewall damage after two days of rock crawling. The durability, confidence and value the All Country M/T is impressive and tough to beat,” said Johnson.

The All Country M/Ts are available in a wide range of sizes from 15-22″ wheel diameters and feature a three-ply sidewall, staggered buttress to guard against sidewall cuts and abrasion, a high void ratio square block style tread design with sipping to perform in a variety of off-road conditions. For more information or to purchase any Ironman tire got to, or call for expert consultation at 866-961-8668.


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