Is a Mustang Shakeup on the Way?

I don’t know about you, but I’m absolutely in love with any and all things Mustang. As a teenager, I loved my fourth generation Mustang to pieces. By the time it fell into my hands it was about 10 years old with well over 100,000 miles, had several windows that refused to go down and guzzled gas like no other. But more than anything else, I loved the thrill of hitting the gas. And really, isn’t that why we all enjoy our Mustangs?

But what I found to be the Mustang’s biggest flaw (and I’m sure I won’t be alone in this) is that it just wasn’t practical. With an impossibly small back seat and a trunk mostly consumed by a convertible top, taking more than the essentials was constantly a struggle. Three people coming along? Good luck. That trip to the store yielded something larger than a grocery bag? Probably not getting home too easily. A regular-sized suitcase? Forget about it!

As much fun as the Mustang was to drive, it was quite hard to make it work for everyday life. So when I started to hear rumors about a potential four-door Mustang, I couldn’t wait to find out more. We Mustang enthusiasts could have one last hope for the perfect combination of fun and functional.

In late October last year, Ford told attendees at a major dealer event that they were working on a four-door Mustang variant, complete with a turbocharged V8. The goal for this model would be to keep up with major large performance sedan competition like the Porsche Panamera and Audi A7. It would even inspire some crosstown rivalry with Dodge’s Charger, which offers a more similarly priced four-door offering.

This past year, we’ve seen Ford announce major shakeups across their lineup, as the brand nixed several sedan models in favor of SUVs. The Dearborn, MI-based automaker has yet to announce a 2019 version of the beloved Ford Focus ST, instead of adding an Edge ST. As you probably saw coming, the Mustang survived these changes, as it’d be difficult to imagine it going now after 50-some years. But it’s likely we might be seeing some variants to the Mustang in the coming years.

There’s been talk of a “Mustang-inspired electric SUV,” and this is looking like it might be the most likely form the four-door Mustang could take. Ford has hinted that a new SUV would take design and performance cues from the Mustang while offering an electric powertrain. In fact, The Drive website found a patent filed with the U.S. government for the name “Mach-E.” It’s worth noting that while they haven’t officially decided how they want to use this nameplate as of filing, they’ve identified their use for the title on the patent for “motor vehicles, namely electric vehicles, passenger vehicles, trucks, sport utility vehicles, off-road vehicles,” as well as parts and other related items.

Perhaps even more likely than the four-door Mustang is the addition of a hybrid version to the lineup. Ford’s CEO mentioned the plans for a high-performance hybrid during a press conference in early 2019. It’s looking likely that we’ll be seeing a more eco-friendly variant of the iconic American sports car hitting dealer lots around 2020.

So at the very least, it’s possible this could be the real Mustang variant we’ll see. Seeing the promise of something electric listed on the patent might give hearsay a little more credit, and given the history between the Mustang model and the Mach 1 nameplate, there’s possibly a connection there as well.

As both a huge Mustang fan and current EV owner, this is my ultimate dream combination. An SUV version would certainly solve the space issues, though adding in Mustang’s convertible option on an SUV would look quite awkward (looking at you, Nissan Juke). An electric version would also help solve those gas-guzzling issues I had back in college, too. I honestly would be super excited to see a Mustang with an electric powertrain, whatever shape or form it might take.

So will there be a four-door Mustang hitting dealer lots soon? We’re not sure but the electric Mustang-inspired SUV appears to be a strong possibility. With the market shifting towards more practical SUVs and crossovers, this could be a good move. While the sedan might have the cards stacked against it, that’s still a possibility for a four-door variant. Right now, it looks like the Mustang’s next 50 years could see some significant changes–and quite honestly, I can’t wait to see what happens next.


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  1. Let’s hope it never see the light of day with the name Mustang on it. We don’t buy Mustang for practicality. We buy it because it IS impractical, good looking (well is was once), and fun to drive. If you must have four door’s then call it a Cougar or something, just don’t pollute the Mustang brand any more then it already has been.
    Isn’t is enough that this generation has turn the styling into a plain Jane Asian-mobile? Well I guess it’s “what do you expect form the Fox era Mustang’s”? And they criticized the Mustang II; at least it looked closer to a Mustang the one being sold today. Even the Camaro “eek” looks more like an updated Camaro of its original than today’s’ Mustang does.

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