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One of the best things about being a Jeep owner is the camaraderie they share. There’s a mutual attraction to the vehicle, yes, but it goes so much deeper. Most Jeepers have an affinity for adventure and exploration which leads to the desire to talk about where they’ve been and how they got there. Often times, the more extreme the circumstances, the better.

Another outcome to having adventures and wanting to share them is that groups form and become a great source of friendship, as well as a place to gain information and knowledge about a plethora of Jeep related topics. Sometimes it’s hard to get them to stop talking about all the accessories and tinkering, tweaking and tools, and trail talk. The list goes on and on. So where do you find these Jeep groups and gatherings? Here are some ideas for you.

Trail talk

Jeepers love nothing more than tackling a trail, or better yet, creating a new one. When they find one, they also like to share it. When they return after a weekend out, or a week in red rock country, they’ll easily spend hours comparing notes with other enthusiasts. They’ll tell you all about the beauty of where they were, the terrain, the way the Jeep behaved, or the next accessory they discovered they want or need.

New or new-to-the-area drivers are always on the lookout for places to go. Whether their preference is a mountain trail, sandy beach, or muddy marsh, a great place to get connected is an online group. There are groups that focus on a particular style of trail, but there are also groups that talk generally about places to go. Some sites are also set up by state for easier searching.

There are forums that give drivers a place to talk amongst themselves about all the ins and outs of local trails and trails they dream of conquering. If you’ve got the time and inclination to read through years of conversation, you’ll find a trove of great ideas that have been tested and reviewed. You can learn a lot if you have the desire to wade through it.

Tall tales

Jeepers are as notorious as anglers when it comes to telling tall tales about their adventures. Their trail was the slickest and muddiest over any other, the sand dunes were the highest they’ve ever been, or the river was the deepest ever forded. There’s just no comparison, however, they’ll certainly try..

After the trail has been conquered, the gear put away, and the mud washed off, the stories begin. Their Jeep performed like never before, their skills were sharp, the obstacles were insurmountable, yet they did it. They mastered the trail. They pushed their rig to the max and it delivered. And they just have to share.

Whether you’re meeting up with a local, in-person club or looking at the latest Jeep post on Reddit, don’t believe everything you read, and be prepared to throw in a tall tale or two of your own.

Tips & tricks

One of the best parts of being a part of Jeep groups is that there’s huge potential to learn from newbies and experienced drivers alike. If you’ve got an idea, a problem that needs a solution, or items to purchase or sell, forums and groups are a great place for it.

Ever order a part for your Jeep on sale only to discover it doesn’t fit properly, or it doesn’t work, and the store won’t take it back on return? What do you do with it then? Are you just stuck with it?

That’s where forums rule. You can ask for advice or buy and sell parts and accessories. You can get advice about what to order, where to order it and how to find sale pricing on everyday parts as well as specialty or custom parts and accessories.

Another great thing about following online groups or being part of a local group is that you can make arrangements to meet for group rides and excursions. Formal groups and group meetups are a fun way to get together for adventures, to meet new people and stay safe on the trail by going with experienced off-roaders.

While there are many group pages (both public and private), social media pages, blogs, and forums available, here are a few to get started:

By state:

The 4Wheel Drive Hardware Club Team,

Quadratech (includes off-road parts)

4×4 and Jeep Clubs of the U.S.

By region/state:


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