Journey in Style with Laufenn

Laufenn Tires, part of the Korean Hankook family, stand behind their uncompromising commitment to quality and performance. Laufenn tires are made in Indonesia. The brand first began selling in the U.S. in 2014. Although they’re not a household name, they’ve been around longer than you might think. In 2014, the brand invested over $1B in a state-of-the art research and development facility. They perform rigorous testing via computer simulation and on real-world test tracks.

The brand provides quality and value by focusing on simplicity and avoiding the little things that distract from your driving experience. Built to be a sensible, affordable tire option, they deliver the fundamentals for handling everyday driving and inspiring confidence.

Laufenn tires feature options for passenger, performance, and light trucks and all-season and winter styles. Their tires follow basic tire principals, giving you all-around functionality in almost any driving situation. Their exceptional value and versatility make them a sensible choice.

Reviewers have been impressed with the low noise, ride quality, and overall value they received. Those that drove in snow were equally pleased.

Why buy Laufenn?

When you’re shopping for tires, you should always consider the manufacturer warranty. Laufenn tires feature a minimum 45,000 mileage warranty, which includes 5-year materials and a workmanship guarantee.

Laufenn is the go-to brand when you’re looking for an affordable option on a budget. The stigma around inexpensive Asian tires is they lack quality and features, which most Americans look for, but this isn’t true for Laufenn. The brand manufactures tires with similar designs as more expensive options. The overall performance won’t compare with premium tires, but its models are capable designs that will meet the needs of most everyday drivers.

Comparing tires from a parent company and its sub-brand, you’ll see a few of their designs are quite similar. Laufenn tires shares similar tread designs to Hankook. But that doesn’t mean their tires are substandard. Laufenn strengthens them with an internal layer of rubber to withstand impact damage from debris. The strength of the sidewalls is increased to protect the tire from damage further while driving on rough terrains such as gravel.

Laufenn is so concerned with driver safety, they incorporate smart design elements like a 2-step Edged shoulder block. These increase the tire’s durability as it easily withstands the little cuts and scrapes that often occur. Reviews of the X FIT HT, for example, praise its durability and many recommend it as a solid choice for truck drivers on a budget.

Laufenn is a reliable, but no-frills tire backed by a brand name in the tire industry. Learn more about the brand and see their tires in action: