Keeping Your Furry Friends Safe on the Road

Keeping Your Furry Friends Safe on the Road
Keeping Your Furry Friends Safe on the Road

Your pet is an important member of your family, so of course, you’ll want to bring him or her on all your road trips and driving adventures. But pets can be distracting and even dangerous to other passengers if unsecured – and in the event of a crash, your furry friend can be at risk of serious injury. Thankfully, a variety of products exist to help keep dogs and cats safe – check them out before you pack up your pet and hit the road.

Zone Tech Back Seat Barrier

The Zone Tech Back Seat Barrier keeps your dog from climbing over the back seat of your car, van, wagon, hatchback or SUV, keeping them safe in the cargo area. According to Zone Tech, the barrier makes your vehicle a safer, more comfortable place for both people and pets. This back seat barrier is made of heavy-duty materials, so if your dog enjoys chewing things that weren’t meant to be chewed, it won’t be able to destroy this safety barrier. The Zone Tech Back Seat barrier fits virtually any car, van, or SUV and installs without tools.

Solvit Front Seat Barrier

Many dogs seem to find the front seat more inviting than the back seat. If that’s true of your pup, the Solvit Front Seat Barrier is a great way to keep Rover or Fluffy in the back, where they belong. Made from a “claw-proof” micro-mesh material, the barrier keeps even large dogs in the back seat but doesn’t inhibit rear visibility for the driver. The Solvit Front Seat Barrier fits most cars and is easily adjustable.

Bergan Auto Harness with Tether

The ultimate way to keep your dog safe in a car is to secure him or her in a harness like the Bergan Auto Harness with Tether. This harness and tether protects your pets from sudden braking or stops that could send them flying or stumbling off the seat. This harness also helps minimize doggy distractions while driving, which is safer for everyone in the car. The tether comes with carabiners that easily attach to child seat attachment points or to the seat belt loop. 

Good Pet Stuff Travelin’ Dog Car Seat

Does your small dog live a life of uncompromised luxury? The Good Pet Stuff Travelin’ Dog Car Seat is the car safety device to have. The seat features a harness system to keep them secure, but also features comfy, plush padding on all sides, just like their pet bed at home. The Good Pet Stuff Travelin’ Dog Car seat features a side-mounted food bowl and water dish, so they can eat and drink throughout the trip. It also has adjustable legs so they can see out of any car, whether it be a Range Rover or an S-Class.