Making a Tire Ottoman/Coffee Table

You might think we’re a little off in the head for making a coffee table out of a tire. We have a small supply of un-sellable tires in the office, so whenever possible we like to use them for fun and interesting projects. After all, when life gives you tires … might as well make cool stuff out of them!

We were originally inspired by this post for a tire ottoman, but our finished product turned out to be quite a bit different. Instead of the natural sisal rope used in the original, we chose a polypropylene rope in shades of blue and green, reflecting our company colors (as well as the colors of our local football team – the Seattle Seahawks. Go Hawks!) We really liked the look of the tire tread juxtaposed with the colored rope, so we kept that part of the tire uncovered. We also added wheels for easy mobility around the office.

Here are the steps we followed to make our tire table:


Select a good tire – for an ottoman a smaller tire will work, for a table, a larger tire is best.

tire ottoman parts


Gather your supplies: You’ll need two pieces of plywood or fiberboard large enough to cover the side of the tire, a jigsaw (to cut the board into a circular shape), a drill, rope (your choice), a hot glue gun and plenty of glue sticks, four casters, screws to attach the casters to the board, a staple gun, and finally, bolts and wing nuts to attach the board with the casters to the tire.

We used 1½-inch screws and bolts. If you’re like us (a little clueless about this sort of thing), just wander around the screw/bolt aisle at Home Depot looking lost until a nice employee shows up and saves the day. Thanks, Home Depot!


Using the jigsaw, we cut the fiberboard into two circles that would sit just inside the sidewall of the tire, screwed the casters into one of the boards, and bolted the board to the sidewall of the tire, using the wing nuts to secure it on the inside of the tire. Then we screwed the other board to the other side of the tire.

steps to adding bottom of tire ottoman


Starting in the center of the top of the ottoman/table, we anchored the rope with a single staple. Then we applied hot glue in a circular pattern and immediately followed with the rope, pressing it into the glue and wrapping it tightly in a circular pattern. Once we reached the edge of the tire, we secured the rope with an extra bit of hot glue.

Glue and blue-green rope on tire ottoman

applying hot glue to blue-green rope

close-up of blue-green rope

That’s pretty much all there is to it! We like our upcycled tire table so much, we’re thinking of making another, larger one, using a big off-road tire with a cool tread pattern.


Have you ever created anything out of an old tire? If so, please let us know in the comments. And happy crafting!

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  1. Coffee table made with waste tire looks good innovative thought. Really impressive project done by you. That entire procedure is looking fascinating indeed. Thanks for make me aware with this blog post.

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