Manual Vs. Automatic, Which Is Better?

Manual Vs. Automatic, Which Is Better?
Manual Vs. Automatic, Which Is Better?

It’s a classic debate, manual vs. automatic transmission. Which is better? Manual drivers will argue that shifting gears makes them feel more connected to their cars. If you’ve watched any of the “Fast And Furious” films then you couldn’t have missed those exaggerated gear-shifting antics. Just the sound that came off the car was enough to give the drivers a thrill. On the other hand, the automatic transmission has revolutionized the automobile industry. Let’s take a closer look at these two, shall we?

Manual Transmission

The manual transmission has been here from the beginning. Even though it’s slowly getting replaced by the automatic transmission, old is still gold. Here are some features you’re not likely to get in an automatic car.

  • Manual cars are engaging: There’s just something about shifting gears that makes you feel as if you’re part of the car. At first, it may seem quite hectic, but once you get used to the act, it becomes second nature. Give a manual driver an automatic car and you’ll notice that he places one of his hands on the gear stick subconsciously. Why? Changing gears is fun. You can’t get bored driving because your hands are always occupied. Not to mention, manual cars have a clutch pedal that keeps one of your feet busy.
  • Manual cars accelerate fast: Have you ever wondered why the majority of sports cars are equipped with a manual transmission? That’s because a manual gearbox transfers power faster to the engine. Plus, a manual gearbox gives you more control as you get to choose which gear is more suited to your driving style. But here’s the thing, even though manual cars were faster than automatic cars back in the day, that isn’t the case now. At the moment, some automatic cars are equipped with Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT). This feature helps an automatic car adapt to different driving conditions through a continuous range of gear ratios. The results? The car becomes much faster.
  • Less costly to maintain: Manual cars have a less complex design compared to automatic cars. In the case of a repair, a manual car won’t incur much extra cost. On the other hand, just pray the clutch doesn’t spoil or else you will find yourself spending your retirement fortune on it.

Automatic Transmission

The automatic transmission is the beginning of a whole new era in the automobile industry. These automatic cars get the hard work done for you. As a matter of fact, some drivers enjoy that, and it won’t be long before “smart cars” debut on the market, making driving an even easier task. Anyway, here are some fantastic automatic transmission features:

  • Easier to drive and learn: All you have to know is maneuvering the steering wheel and selecting D for drive or R for reverse. Oh, and pump the gas pedal after the selection. Clearly, driving an automatic car is much easier than driving a manual. Learning to drive it is much easier, and you don’t cringe when you shift the gears incorrectly.
  • Automatic cars are better in traffic: Driving an automatic car in traffic is easy. Why? You don’t have to worry about pumping the clutch every time you stop which can become tiring. In such a case, the automatic transmission is handy and can save the day. Needless to say, an automatic car requires less effort in traffic. Just brake and you’ll be okay.
  • Automatic cars are safer: Once you select D for Drive, that’s it. You can travel without taking a hand from the steering wheel. In other words, an automatic car gives you the option of steering using both hands. Obviously, two hands work better than one, especially if you want to focus completely on the road and your safety.
  • Smooth driving: At this point, everything about automatic transmission just seems easier and more enjoyable. And you know what? It gets better because an automatic car gives you a much smoother experience while driving. The transition from one gear to the next happens seamlessly without any stuttering. Comparatively, that’s quite different in some manual cars.

Overall, each transmission type has its bright side. It depends on your preference. Older drivers who started driving before automatic cars will opt for manual transmission. Reason being? It’s classic, engaging, and more fun to drive. On the other hand, there are some who prefer automatic because it’s less cumbersome and saves you tons of energy that can be focused elsewhere. Additionally, automatic cars are really taking over the automobile market. Don’t believe it yet? Some new car models, such as the Ford GT 40, doesn’t offer the stick-shift option at all.