Meet a TireBuyer Installer: Jay Jenkins from Jay’s Tire Pros from Salt Lake City, UT

After being in the tire biz for over 20 years, Jay Jenkins knows a thing or two about tires. Perhaps more importantly, he’s also well versed in customer satisfaction. He loves his customers. Especially his many repeat customers. And he goes out of his way to make sure they stay satisfied with his “hassle-free” philosophy and belief in doing the right thing.

Jay started his career at Big-O tires in high school and has never even considered doing anything else. He eventually took over the tire shop he worked for and started his own tire business, soon becoming one of the Tire Pros team. He soon outgrew the original location and moved down the road to a larger space. Business boomed and he outgrew the new location as well, buying the property next door, expanding and growing until he had no choice but to buy the building below his shop five years ago.

Although his team may be “pros” at tires, they do all types of vehicle repair. Anything that’s not covered by your dealer, and not not under warranty, he can do, including all things motor and transmission.

Located in Bountiful, Utah, this Tire Pros location has one of the most customer-friendly waiting rooms we’ve seen. Only a few telltale signs would give away this waiting room as being part of a tire shop. From the real rock pillars he had built, to multiple places to relax or do business, and five 50-inch TVs, he wants his customers to feel at home. Of course, there’s free Wifi, and even laptops free for use, as well as free coffee, a fridge with cold water, plus toys and coloring books for kids. Ten years ago, he took the tires out of the showroom and put them back in inventory. Frankly, he didn’t like the smell and figured his customers wouldn’t either.

This Tire Pros also offers free shuttle service, with pickup and delivery. It truly is hassle-free. And makes the inconvenience of tire or vehicle repair quick and easy, so your life can carry on as usual with as little interruption as possible.

Today, with three buildings and 27 employees (including seven ASC certified mechanics, a front-end and master technician, plus one main diagnostic guy), Jay Jenkins Tire Pros can handle it all. And Jay personally has a hand on every car that comes through his shop. You’ll leave this location happy. Jay guarantees it.


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