Meet a TireBuyer installer: John Jindra of Quality Tire Service

We’re proud to partner with more than 9,000 independent tire shops across the United States. Today, we’re introducing you to John Jindra, owner of Quality Tire Service, one of the most-reviewed installers on Here are a few reviews of Jindra’s shop, written by TireBuyer customers:

“Fast service, good prices and done right the first time. Beats the high pressure, get em in and push em out franchises.”

“Fast, excellent service. We’ve used Quality Tire for about 10 years. Always excellent work.”

“I am extremely pleased with the quality and expertise of the folks here!”

“Quality Tire did an outstanding job for me as my installer. I have used them in the past and they go the extra mile in making my installation perfect.”

“I use Quality Tire for all of my vehicles. Not just for tire service, but mechanical as well including my diesel truck.”

“They were very quick to get me in for a tire installation. They also informed me of a few issues my car was having, gave me several wise options, but never once pressured me to have the work done.”

Read on to find out when Jindra got his start (he was probably a bit younger than you think), the unique vehicles his shop sometimes services, and why Quality Tire Service has so many happy customers.

Name of shop and location:

Quality Tire Service, Johnsburg, Illinois (80 miles northwest of Chicago)

Owner’s name: 

Patti Jindra

How long have you been in business, and how did you get into the tire business? 

Tire shop reviews
Original Quality Tire Service in 1959

Quality Tire Service was started by my father in 1959. I started working in the shop helping my dad when I was just five or six years old, beginning with fixing inner tubes. I’m 60 now and tires have been my life. The shop currently has five employees.

What services do you provide?

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Everything. We’re a complete auto shop. Motors, brakes, diagnosis, any kind of vehicle – even tractors.

Does your shop specialize in a particular area?

Anything! We’re located in a farming community and our customers are everyone from business people who drive BMWs and Mercedes, to farmers bringing in their tractors. Local car dealers frequently recommend our location for maintenance and tire/wheel installation.

What amenities do you offer?

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State inspections, any kind of auto service, Wi-Fi, and a children’s area.

What’s your customer service philosophy?

Customers are treated like friends. I don’t see dollar signs walking through the door, I see friends. We pride ourselves on customer service, loaner vehicles, night drop service. I do whatever I can to help.

What’s your favorite thing about working on cars?

The challenge – learning how to fix the new stuff and be the guy who can fix things other shops haven’t been able to fix.

What makes your business unique?

If anyone needs help, we will do whatever we can. We have people who call in whose car broke down, we not only tow the car, we also ask them where they were going and give them a ride. There have been occasions where we take them to the store and drive them home with the groceries. We have thousands of customers’ names in our system, with so many repeat customers for so long. Over 100 customers have been coming here for over 30 years. I have third generation customers coming into our shop.

Can you tell us a story about a memorable customer experience?

It gives me a good feeling when I go out to dinner and the waitress says that one of my customers came in and paid for me. It goes back to the customer service – I want to make sure my customers are taken care of, and it’s special to see that they appreciate it.

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