Meet a TireBuyer Installer: Tom Eisenberg from West Coast Tire & Service from Los Angeles, CA

Tires are a tradition. Family owned since 1970, West Coast Tire & Service has been passed from grandfather to grandson. They’ve always been about family. Some of their mechanics have been with them 20-25 years. Maybe not blood-related, but family nonetheless.

Robert Mirman built White Front Tire in the 1920s. From the ’50s to ’90s it was the largest tire installation chain of its time, at their busiest, installing over 8,000 tires a week. Though Mr. Mirman passed away last year, his grandson Tom keeps his legacy alive by offering a friendly, trustworthy place to take your car.

Tom’s career began at 16, mounting tires and doing oil changes. Today, he doesn’t work on cars but likes helping his guys figure out problems and diagnosing. He also takes a personal approach to helping customers customize their cars and doing “cool stuff,” or helping them upgrade and makeover the look of their vehicle.

His employees are ASE certified, taking the required classes they need to stay current. He has the most modern equipment including a mounting machine for low-profile tires and an alignment machine for every vehicle.

It’s no wonder the shop has been voted in the Top 10 independent shops in the country by Modern Tire Dealer, and L.A. Magazine called them the city’s “best kept secret.”

Based in West L.A., they go beyond the usual tire-related services. Today the full-service shop also offers general maintenance and repairs, rebuilds, custom fabrication, hot rods and restoration.

With 17 bays and 22 employees that service over 65 cars a day, West Coast is a BIG shop. They’re open six days a week, with a waiting room that features Wifi and a big screen TV away from the noise of the shop. They’re in walking distance to some cool restaurants and interesting neighborhoods. So you can get some good food while you wait, or just hang out.

Tom’s a car guy, plain and simple. He drives a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Why? It’s what Grandpa Bob always drove. Always, as in four or five in a row. But the one that “got away” was a 1990 signal green Porsche 964 with an air-cooled motor. Non-working when purchased off a customer, he restored it and loved it – until he sold it – to buy a house. A decision he says he “100% regrets.”

When you visit West Coast Tire & Service, keep an eye out for celebrities. Or at least their cars. You might see Christian Bale’s Tacoma or Rhianna’s Tahoe.

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