Meet a TireBuyer tire and wheel expert: Dylan Lindsey

In this series we introduce you to the tire and wheel experts who work on the TireBuyer customer sales and service teams, located in Kirkland, Washington and Huntersville, North Carolina.

Today we’d like to introduce you to Dylan Lindsey. If you’d like a little help finding the right tires, if you need assistance with your current tires, or if you just have a general question, give Dylan a call at (866) 961-8668!

How long have you been in the tire industry, and how’d you get your start?

I’ve worked in the tire industry for 7 years, but I’ve been around it my whole life. My father was my introduction to the industry. He worked for a company called Terry’s Tire Town out of Alliance, Ohio, and it was like a home away from home for me throughout my childhood. My dad taught me a lot about the business and he got me my first opportunity. I was hired at Terry’s to work for their online retail division providing customer service for their website The team we had there was small, but filled with enthusiasm and a wealth of industry experience and knowledge. I made a lot of great relationships working there and that experience helped me land an opportunity to work for TireBuyer. I’ve been working for TireBuyer for 3 years now, and I pride myself in delivering the best customer experience possible. I do my best to bring a passion and strong work ethic to everything I do here. TireBuyer is an amazing company to work for and we’re always striving to deliver a great tire buying experience for our customers.

What do you enjoy most about your job at TireBuyer?

The thing I enjoy most about my job would definitely be the team we work with here. I’m surrounded by a great group of knowledgeable and hardworking individuals. We have a lot of fun together, and we work our tails off to do the best job we can. TireBuyer has a great culture that is very inclusive and fun loving. I look forward to coming to work because of the great people we have here. To deliver a great customer experience you have to have a great group of people, and we definitely have that here at TireBuyer.

What do you like to do in your free time?

Hike, binge-watch The Office on Netflix, play NBA 2k18, and listen to podcasts.

What’s in your dream garage?

Hands down, I’d have to go with The Tumbler from the Christopher Nolan Batman films. That thing is a beautiful monster.

Fun fact/tips about tires:

A lot of people focus on UTQG ratings of tires when they’re making their purchase decisions. The ratings are great at giving people an understanding of how a tire performs and what type of tread wear you will get, but what people don’t realize is that you CANNOT compare UTQG ratings between tire brands. Each manufacturer assesses their own tire and gives it a rating based on its performance compared to other tires in their product lineup, so this means you don’t get an “apples to apples” comparison between tire manufacturers when it comes to UTQG ratings. A UTQG rating from a Michelin tire cannot be compared to the UTQG rating of a Kumho tire. So if you’re looking at UTQG ratings, just know that rating will not hold up when comparing between other tire brands. When I’m shopping for tires I put a lot more faith in the type of warranty the manufacture offers and the customer reviews on the product.

2 thoughts

  1. Dylan, I need two 31-10.50x 15 mud tires.
    I like the firestone, but don’t know if I can get a comparable tire cheaper.

    1. Hi Larry, we have several tire options available at great prices! Please give us a call at 1-866-961-8668 to ensure we help you find the right tire for your vehicle.

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