Beyond the Driving Test: Michelin’s New Initiative for Teen Drivers

Think back to high school for a moment. Did your driver’s ed class teach you everything you needed to know before you hit the road as a brand-new driver? Probably not. Michelin’s new campaign, “Beyond the Driver’s Test,” is taking aim at the knowledge gap between what teens learn in the classroom and what they need to know to stay safe on the road.

Why is Michelin doing this? Because automobile accidents are the #1 killer of teenagers in the United States. Sadly, more than 5,000 teens die in car accidents each year, and 12% of those accidents can be attributed to tire-related issues. Michelin is hoping that by increasing awareness about tire care and maintenance, they can help keep young drivers safer on the road. After all, taking care of your tires isn’t difficult or time-consuming – once you learn how to do it. But that’s the problem: Tire maintenance generally isn’t being taught in driver’s ed.

Here are a few interesting facts about the state of driver’s ed (and tire education) in the U.S.:

  • Only 23 states mandate driver’s education classroom time, and only seven of those include tire safety info in their driver’s ed curriculum.
  • Just 49% of teens think that driver’s ed completely prepared them to drive.
  • 47% of parents think driver’s ed has prepared their kids to drive.
  • 52% of teens don’t inspect their tires monthly; 27% never check their tires.
  • Only 38% of their parents consider themselves “extremely knowledgeable” about tire care.

Girl changing tire

Michelin’s new website,, offers up resources to bridge the gap between what kids are learning and the real-world skills they need to drive safely. On the site, you can download a quick and easy glove box guide to teach your kids about basic vehicle maintenance items like checking tire tread and tire pressure. You’ll also find teen-focused videos, 10 simple “Golden Rules” for the road, and links to more helpful information.

Get the Glove Box Guide for your teen

So while driver’s ed may not ever be enough, Michelin is making it a little easier  to teach your kids all the rules of the road – including how to care for their tires.


Photo Credit: Carissa Rogers and State Farm

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  1. It’s a shame that in the UK we don’t have such dedication to driver education, we don’t have classes at school etc. but young drivers are most at risk so it defies me why we haven’t something similar in place over here!

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