National Name Your Car Day

Are you and your vehicle on a first name basis? If not, you’re missing out! Get in on the action this October 2 on National Name Your Car Day.

As Dale Carnegie wrote in his book How to Win Friends and Influence People, “A person’s name is to him or her the sweetest and most important sound in any language.” Remembering and knowing someone’s name is a universal sign of politeness, respect, and acknowledgement.

And while it’s debatable whether a given name will be equally meaningful to your car, it sure will make communication easier and more natural for you.

Because from time to time, aloud and/or telepathically, everyone talks to their car.

Running low on fuel: “Come on, you can make it another seven miles to the highway exit.”

In a snowstorm: “Please stop…please!”

Trouble on startup: “No, no, no! Really? You need you to start right now.”

Merging into a tight spot on the highway: “Go, go, go!”

Not to mention, if your household has more than one car, and especially if they’re of the same make or vehicle type, assigning your car a name is just so much more efficient.For example:

“Dad, what car are we taking?”

“We’ll take the Ford F-150 King Ranch 4WD SuperCrew with the 5.5′ box.”

Compared to:

“Dad, what car are we taking?”


See?According to a Nationwide Insurance survey, about 25% of Americans name their cars. The practice is more common among women – 27% of women name their cars, as compared to just 17% of men. But 26% of people reportedly think of their cars as female.

I’m among the “proud” 17%.

Meet Molly, an adventurous BMW performance sedan. From mountain road adventures to race track shenanigans, we have a running dialogue.

“Nice going, Molly.”

“Are you thirsty? Need some gas, Molly?”

“Who’s a pretty girl, Molly?”



Treating your car like a nameless, inanimate object is boring. Inject some life into your relationship by giving your ride a name and identity on October 2, National Name Your Car Day!


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