National Woman Road Warrior Day

September 17, 2018 is National Woman Road Warrior Day, honoring the millions of American women who travel for business.


September 17, 2018 is National Woman Road Warrior Day

Celebrated annually on the third Monday in September, National Woman Road Warrior day is a day of recognition for all women who travel for business. While historically men have been most associated with business travel and sales, this day is just for the women.

Females now account for 50% of business travelers, and are about 40% of the sales force. The number of women in sales has increased about 3% over the past decade.

Statistics show having women on the road is good for business:

  • Hubspot reports women are 5% more likely to close a business deal/sale than men.
  • Xactly data shows saleswomen outperform men when it comes to sales quota achievement – 70% vs. 67%.
  • According to, in a study of 989 students’ sales performance across seven years “there were 62.5% more female top performers than male top performers.” And
    “female top performers outperformed the male top performers by 73.9%.”
  • Women stay on the job longer – an average one more year than men in a sales role.

Saleswomen and business travelers average 12-14 trips per year at a duration of 4-6 nights per trip. (Sounds grueling!)

The Global Business Travel Association estimates about 488 million business trips are taken every year. Air travel is most associated with modern business travel, but in fact only about 33% of business trips occur by plane.And so with about 244 million business trips being taken by women each year, and most of them occurring by car, chances are you’ll run into at least one of them this September 17. Give them the right of way and some props on National Woman Road Warrior day.

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