New Releases in the All-Terrain Tire Category

Check out the newest 2018 releases in the All-Terrain Tire category that can up the adventure capability and performance of your truck or SUV.

It’s a time of high activity and innovation in the All-Terrain Tire segment. The selection and diversity of All-Terrain tires is expanding as tire manufacturers work to meet growing consumer demand.

“All-Terrain Tire” online search interest over time.

This is especially true when it comes to Original Equipment (OE) truck and SUV tire replacement, drivers are identifying All-Terrain tires as the solution to various vehicle needs and preferences.

The newest All-Terrain tire releases speak to “niche” needs and specific customer demands that have developed within the category.

Cooper has recently released three new variants of the popular and excellent Discoverer A/T3 — the Discoverer A/T3 4S, A/T3 LT, and A/T3 XLT.

Aided by Cooper’s Adaptive Traction Technology™, the Cooper Discoverer A/T3 4S qualifies for the Severe Snow Service (Three-Peak Mountain Snowflake) credential, and aims to address the need for year around/four season capability from a single set of tires. The A/T3 4S includes common Winter Tire features like Cooper’s Snow Groove Technology and ZigZag Sipes.

The Discoverer A/T3 LT and Discoverer A/T3 XLT are both focused on the towing/hauling crowd, with Durable Tread Technology™ designed to carry heavier loads with less wear long-term. Both of these tires are offered with a strong 60,000 mile tread wear warranty in LT-metric (heavy duty) specification.

Along with superior towing/hauling capabilities, the Discoverer A/T3 LT and XLT are built to withstand the structural threats (shredding) associated with consistent travel on rock and gravel terrain.

General Tire has been active as well with recent introductions of the General Grabber A/TX and General Grabber APT.

The Grabber A/TX is billed as “The next-generation, aggressive all-terrain tire that provides exceptional off-road capability and durability…” (

The aggressive Grabber A/TX is balanced by the new Grabber APT, which gives slightly more engineering priority to on-road driving and comfort characteristics. Grabber APT tire shoulders are engineered for handling responsiveness and precise turn-in on the road, and grooves angled away from the center help to dissipate tread noise.


The Mickey Thompson Deegan 38 All Terrain has been called a “Long Wearing Radial” with tread wear warranties to back up the claim – 55,000 miles for SUV sizes, and a 60,000 mile warranty for LT specification tires.

The Deegan 38 All Terrain delivers a “Silica-reinforced tread compound for all weather performance, cut/chip resistance and longevity.” (

Off-road performance is enhanced by an open-void tread pattern, and anti-stone retention tread technologies that are common to more focused Mud-Terrain tires. (See also: How do mud tires work?)

As of this post date, the Deegan 38 All Terrain is batting a thousand according to users, with a perfect 5 Stars out of 5 rating.

There are more All-Terrain tires than ever before that speak to a range of truck & SUV driver needs and preferences. Whether you’re off-road from time to time, hauling, towing, or just looking for a more aggressive look, the All-Terrain tire category has you covered at the moment.

If you’re on the hunt for OE replacement tires and looking to expand the capabilities of your truck or SUV without too much on-road drawback, definitely take a good look at the current lineup of All-Terrain Tires :

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